5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dundee

3rd July 2013

As Dundee’s campaign to be selected as the UK City of Culture for 2017 gains momentum, we wanted to share with you some interesting facts about the city. Today we’re exploring 5 things you didn’t know about Dundee:

Facts about Dundee

1. The adhesive postage stamp inventor was born in Dundee

In 1782 James Chalmers, inventor of the adhesive postage stamp was born in Dundee.

Chalmers was born on February 2nd 1782 in Arbroath (just north of Dundee). He trained as a weaver before moving to Dundee in 1809 on the recommendation of his brother. Mr Chalmers established himself as a bookseller, printer and a newspaper publisher on Castle Street, Dundee. However he had a relentless burning enthusiasm for postal reform and in 1837 he submitted a letter outlining his proposal for an adhesive postage stamp.

2. The first ever radio broadcast was sent from Dundee

Lindsay Bowman was born on 8th September 1799 and was credited as being both an inventor and an author.

He’s acknowledged for innovations in several fields including lighting and telegraphy. Lindsay Bowman was actually born in Arbroath (again!) and was trained as a handloom weaver. He matriculated from St Andrews University in 1821 and returned to Dundee in 1829 as a lecturer in science and mathematics at the Watt Institution. In 1832, he sent the first ever wireless radio broadcast from Dundee.

3. The richest square mile in the Europe was in Dundee

Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland and encompasses a town called Broughty Ferry, which was actually once referred to as the richest square mile in Europe.

The jute barons in Dundee saw Broughty Ferry as the ideal place to build mansions and so the city was acknowledged as being prosperous, more so than any other location in the UK or in fact Europe as a whole. Broughty Ferry is now better known for the ‘N’everday Dook’ which sees some 150 swimmers brave the freezing conditions of the river tay for a swim on new years day.

4. The largest teaching hospital in Europe was built in Dundee

According to Wikipedia, to this day, Ninewells hospital located in Dundee is acknowledged as the largest teaching hospital in Europe.

The hospital is renowned internationally for introducing ‘laparoscopic surgery’ in the UK as well as innovating in fields such as managing cancer, robotic surgery and medical genetics. In 2009 the Ninewells medical centre in Dundee was ranked as number one in the UK.

5. In 2010 Dundee was voted as one of the seven smartest cities in the world

In 2010 Dundee was selected by the Intelligent Community Forum as the only city in Scotland to be voted as one of the seven smartest in the entire world!

The Intelligent Community Forum is a non-profit policy research organisation, which is focused on job creation and economic development in the broadband economy. And, now in 2018, Dundee has been included in a list of top European destinations for 2018.The Scottish city is the only UK entry on the list from guide book publisher Lonely Planet.  Not only is Dundee famous now for the V&A Dundee museum but also it’s become known as a centre of excellence for technology and award winning mobile app development companies including Waracle!

About Waracle

Waracle are a mobile, web and emerging tech application developer. Since 2008 Waracle have engaged with UK and European enterprises to plan, design and develop their digital product strategies. Waracle have offices in DundeeGlasgowEdinburgh and London with a rapidly growing team of industry leading researchers, UX designers, scrum-masters, iOS, Android and Hybrid developers and App Store Optimisation experts.

In addition to an investment in Mozenix (Augmented Reality), Waracle also have investment in Kumulos (Mobile App Performance Software) and Wallet.Services (Blockchain).

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