Five Seismic Mobile Trends For 2015

2nd December 2014

Mobile technology and shifting consumer habits are causing massive upheaval in the business world. Some companies are ready to roll with the punches – and the rewards are huge. Some struggle to keep up – and the consequences are severe. Here are five seismic mobile trends for 2015:

Mobile Shopping

Juniper Research found that in excess of 2 billion mobile users will make a mobile payment transaction by 2018. Nearly 60% of shoppers suggested they’d use their smartphones for shopping in the 2014 holiday season. Apps that are developed and themed specifically around the holiday season create huge contextual opportunities for retailers to connect with new customers. Additional research found that 77% of shoppers use their smartphones to help compare price, locate nearby stores, and discover special offers. Developing a holiday themed app or mobile responsive website can be a great way for brands and marketing professionals to engage new customers.

Indoor Location Detection 

2015 will be a massive year for precision-based, indoor location targeting. Watch out for terms like ‘ultrasonic beacons’ and ‘geo-magnetics’ as high precision location detection becomes the norm via mobile. Expect to see start-up companies devoted to precision-based location services and plenty of interest from VC’s. If you’re a marketer, this has big implications. You’ll be able to pin down the location of potential customers with a laser-like degree of accuracy. Geo-fencing apps have the capability to pinpoint users precise location, combined with retailer-specific maps, these are likely to be extremely popular amongst eager brands seeking to exploit the mobile boom in 2015.

Smart Objects

What do we mean by smart objects? Think LED lightbulbs, web connected toys, household appliances (garage doors, locks etc), sports gear, medical technology and adaptable power supplies. Gartner estimate by 2020 there will be nearly 20 billion devices connected to the web. This growth will be driven primarily by the adoption of smart household objects. This shift towards connected household devices and smart objects will have profound ramifications for businesses, especially software companies.

Wearable Technology

By 2018 the market for wearable technology will be worth an estimated $20 billion. 2015 will witness the mass consumerisation of wearable technology with the launch of the hotly anticipated Apple Watch – need we say any more on the matter?  Wearable technology will redefine our relationship with the world around us – how we communicate, share and interact. Think watches, glasses and smart clothing. If your business is software, have you considered the impact wearable will have on your UI/UX design?

Mobile Video

For marketers, video will continue to be a pivotal component of advertising in 2015 and most of this content will be consumed via mobile. Customers in the USA spend on average 33 minutes per day consuming video content via a mobile device and research suggests they’re happy to watch 10 to 30 second ads in order to access it. These types of adverts, ranging in the 10 to 30 second type, actually receive excellent completion rates. However less is more with mobile video as ad frequency and duration ‘overkill’ can have an extremely negative effect on completion rates and CTR.

Here at Waracle, we’ve been at the cutting edge of mobile technology and cross-platform/architecture app development since the very start. We’ve developed mobile apps for top businesses and brands in the UK and internationally. The holiday season can be a great time to start planning your mobile strategy for 2015, if you’re interested in starting the conversation ahead of your competition, contact us today.




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