21st March 2016

Dave H, Sales and Business Development.

As Danny (one of our resident developers!) returns from having taken to the stage last week, on behalf of the Digital World tour initiative we wished him all the best…there’s presenting to a room full of adults, but it’s a whole different ball game when presenting to 200+ school kids!

Skills Development Scotland helped organise the event – “A series of interactive roadshows has been launched to showcase the exciting possibilities on offer to young people in Scotland if they pursue a career in digital technology.” It’s awesome to see events like this happening, being able to interact at a young age to try and persuade the youth that the future is indeed mobile (we suspect it’s not them that needs persuaded)!

It got us thinking… What are some of the reasons why you might want to come and work at Waracle?

We’re passionate about all things Mobile

‘Think Mobile First’ is our motto and we truly believe that if you’re not on top of mobile and working out how to best utilise it for your business, then you’re going to get left behind.  In the world of mobile even QA (Quality Assurance) is cool.  Our QA (Quality Assurance) legend Rick gets to have a desk rammed full of the latest and greatest mobile devices, tablets, watches and phones.   Other people actually have to ask permission to be able to use them! What’s he doing all day? Working with the dev team, from start to finish, he’s one of the team that makes sure that our apps have no bugs and go out the door ready to take on the market!  

We’re not just an app development agency

We’re helping solve real world problems – changing the future with cutting edge mHealth projects, featuring wearable devices for some of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies and increasing efficiencies within the NHS, by taking the mundane and making it a lot easier by moving it to mobile input. Sure, we get the App entrepreneurs approaching us with weird and wonderful ideas but, we’re also in conversations with many of the world’s largest organisations when it comes to their next big mobile project. Each week brings new excitement – you never know what you’re going to be asked to help scope out next!  

We’re pretty laid back about most things

But we’re serious about finding incredible talent! A highly motivated bunch of really smart and creative people – mobile developers through to digital marketers, we’re always looking for the best talent.  This week we’ve just had a new Project Manager start with us who is originally from Italy, but decided Scotland was for him and his family! A very welcome addition to the team!

We work with some of the world’s leading brands

Often working on cutting edge projects! Both the mHealth and Fintech (Financial Technology) space are highly active in mobile and therefore leading the way in terms of new projects being brought to the table. Some of the work being done, especially in the mHealth arena, is so innovative and game changing that it’s causing quite a stir!

We’ve got a pretty unique culture

Nobody, including our CEO, takes themselves too seriously! Everyone is treated with respect and supported where we can, when it comes to creative endeavours. Okay, so there are no rope swings, zip lines across the office and space hoppers, but we know how to have fun, how to let our hair down – there’s a definite work hard, play hard and then work hard again ethic here!

We’re always looking for top talent here at Waracle, so if you know of anyone that might be a good fit, then make sure they send their CV across to us here.   

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