3 Things That Might Happen At WWDC 2014

27th May 2014

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2014 kicks off June 2nd and Waracle’s very own Ian Treleaven will be there. The five day conference will see developers from all over the world travelling to the Moscone Centre in San Francisco to discover the future of Apple. The event equips mobile app developers with information on how to deploy the right tools and technologies to create millions of innovative apps for iOS and OSX customers worldwide. So amidst the speculation we wanted to share our very own predictions on what Apple are set to release. Here are 3 things that could be announced when the conference arrives:

1.) iWatch

Rumours of of the iWatch emerged in a 2012 report claiming the company was working with Intel on a Bluetooth-enabled watch carrying a 1.5-inch OLED display. This suggested the device was scheduled to launch in early 2013, having started work on trademarking the name ‘iWatch’. The device went into production in April with a potential launch in late 2014. Reports suggest it will have a flexible AMOLED display, which will come in two separate sizes, 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches, to fit different sized wrists. It’s also expected to have a durable sapphire crystal display. The iWatch could be available at different price points, with the top model retailing at several thousand dollars per unit. The iWatch will monitor health-related stats like steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality and heart rate and is expected to revolutionise healthcare and active lifestyle segments.

2.) iOS8

iOS 8, rumoured to be codenamed Okemo, is the iPhone and iPad operating system being developed by Apple. Rumored new features include the all-new Healthbook app, TextEdit and Preview apps ported over from OSX, a separate iTunes Radio app, Shazam integration and an API for Siri, as well as enhancements for maps, Photo Stream, Notification Center, Voice Memo, Messages, and CarPlay, and the eagerly anticipated launch of inter-app communication. It’s predicted that iOS8 will tie heavily into the launch of the iPhone 6. The major redesign is complete and Apple is looking towards WWDC 2014 for an announcement.

3.) iPhone 6

The new iPhone is set to be the most important device launch in the Apple’s history. Given that updates between the iPhone 5S and 5C have been subtle, there are huge expectations for the iPhone 6.  According to a survey of US consumers the iPhone 6 is the most eagerly anticipated iPhone of all time. Many have reported the launch of a larger device from Apple at WWDC in June, but WWDC has always been about software rather than hardware, with the focus likely to be on iOS 8. It appears Apple are testing a larger iPhone, but there are no assurances it’ll be announced at this years WWDC.




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