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Why mobile matters for marketing managers

5th December 2013

As a brand or marketing manager, staying ahead of your competition in mobile isn’t easy. These days, keeping on top of mobile is the only way to position yourself as an innovative brand. Developing an app for your business is a fantastic way of signalling to your stakeholders and competition that you’ve arrived in mobile – it says your brand is fired up and ready for the future. Going mobile is not an easy process, but the successful brands are able to overcome the challenges and barriers and subsequently reap the rewards by working collaboratively with the right people.

You don’t need experience in mobile technology. You don’t even need a desktop website. In fact, if you’re lagging behind in desktop web design, there’s never been a better time to leapfrog your competitors and get busy with mobile apps and marketing. You don’t need UI design experience and you don’t need to figure out all the complex backend technical stuff. We take care of all this for you. You just have to be ready to take those tentative first steps.

Since the late naughties mobile innovators have been flying the flag for app development and promotion. Mobile now is the best place for your brand to be. Planning and designing your mobile-first brand presence will define your future marketing strategy. Don’t just sit back and watch the early adopters enjoy the spoils of mobile revenue generation and engagement – get involved.

After all, mobile is about generating new revenue streams, increasing customer engagement and raising the profile of the brand. You’ve worked hard to nurture your brand, but are you pointing it in the right direction for the future? Your brand is the most important thing in your world and we’re here to help you get mobilised.

At Waracle, we’re the experts in mobile app development and marketing. We’ve got lots of experience working with brand and marketing managers, so we understand a thing or two about what mobile can do for you. We understand how to engage your customers across all the major platforms; iOS, Android, web and Windows. We also enable you to monetise your offering – if that’s what you’re trying to achieve. Like the above Jeff Bezos quote suggests, going mobile is not easy and was never intended to be. But with the right expertise and direction, you can start pulling your brand in the right direction today.

So whether you’re a mobile innovator looking for an iOS7 refresh, or a brand marketing manager taking those first tentative steps into mobile, contact us today to begin the conversation.

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