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Vine v’s Instagram: Welcome To The Video Wars

11th July 2013

It’s Faceboook vs. Twitter all over again, only this time it’s with video. The war has begun. Facebook’s Instagram, the stereotypical hipster app, was released in October 2010 and although there was some competitors they just didn’t pack the punch like Instagram did. It had everything you needed, cool filters to give yourself that dramatic look, the coolest celebrities snapping away and of course the almighty hashtag. However there was one thing it was missing; video. The only thing that came close to this was Keek and although popular it never really overtook Instagram. Enter, Vine; Twitter’s answer to our prayers.

Twitter’s Vine

The app allows you to take a 6.5 second video while you hold your finger on the screen, meaning quick angle changes and editing that looks, well let’s face it, pretty awesome. Suddenly not only can you take pictures of the chicken salad and Starbucks, but you can video it from different angles! Just four months after it’s release it had thirteen million users, not much compared to the one hundred million users on Instagram but it’s still something after four months. Something to get Facebook thinking anyway.

Instagram adds Video

In June Facebook released it’s newest and coolest venture, you guessed it, the ability to record videos and not just for a measly 6.5 seconds either, but for a whole 15 seconds on their Instagram app. Although maybe that’s just a second too long? Or a whole 8.5 seconds too long. With the ability to stop and start easily, move about and wait a couple minutes, even with the ability to close the Vine app and go back to it later, do we really need 15 seconds of video? It might not seem like much but if it’s boring 15 seconds it actually pretty long.

The Battle is still on

However Instagram hasn’t killed Vine quite yet, it’s still going strong, popping up everywhere in the wave of simple, expressive platforms such as Snapchat and Tumblr but why is this? Coolness. Minimalism, being able to express easily and quickly and with most teenagers and young adults gripping onto their smart phones these apps are just the coolest things out their. But more than that, real people use these apps too!
Self-described hacker John Muellerleile reviewed millions of Vines and concluded that “all different walks of life” use it “geographies, incomes; all genders, ages, races, backgrounds. They use it in all kinds of ways, sometimes hilarious, ridiculous or strange, but all decidedly human”.

It’s a nice idea having video abilities and photo abilities on the same app but when they are both free, what’s stopping anyone from using both?

Thanks to Alexandra Wyllie for contributing today’s blog.

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