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Top 3 mobile tips for marketing managers in 2014

6th January 2014

Happy New Year and welcome to the Waracle blog for 2014. As expected, 2013 was a massive year for mobile and this year the upward trajectory is set to continue. So to kick things off in style, today we’re exploring the top 3 mobile tips for marketing managers in 2014.

1.) Develop for ‘mobile-first’

Chances are you have a mailing list that includes thousands of contacts. Part of your job is driving those contacts to your website to make sure they’re aware of new products, special offers etc. Traditionally, you’d engage a web development company, who’d develop a website that worked well for potential customers using desktop PC’s and laptops. These days are over. The next site you develop will be designed mobile-first. This means you develop for smartphones and tablets first and develop a seamless experience for these users. Nowadays, desktop is increasingly an after thought when it comes to enhancing customer engagement and developing new revenue streams. If you’re in the process of currently developing a new website, for desktop first, this is wrong and you’ll end up wasting your money on something that will need to be redesigned very soon anyway.

2.) Understand the importance of wearable technology

The way we define mobile will change forever in 2014. Traditionally we refer to mobile as our smartphones and tablets. In 2014, mobile will come to represent a much broader picture including eyeglasses, watches, cars, bracelets and practically any item of clothing people wear. As a marketing manager, these devices will become part of the mobile mix in 2014 and it’s fundamental to understand the impact these changes could have upon your brand. By 2018, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) will encompass over 9 billion devices globally. This will present a variety of opportunities and challenges for marketing managers. Imagine a ‘smart fridge’ that intelligently understands when you’re out of orange juice and sends a coupon reminder the next time you’re in the store. This is where the opportunities will lie for brand managers; the challenge is teasing them out.

3.) Make mobile about your customers

There are three very important themes in mobile that all marketing managers must understand: personalisation, contextualisation and location. One thing is for sure in 2014, mobile devices are more aware of their owner’s characteristics and behaviours than ever before. Smartphones can tell what time of day it is and where your customers are located, enabling you to create tailored product offerings based on mobile parameters. Increasingly your customers will expect a personalised experience that is unique to individual behaviours, traits and transactional history. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer acceptable. As a marketer you must learn to intelligently collect the right data about your audience and create promotions that recognise the different needs of your target audience.

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