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Sailfish is joining the smartphone war

21st August 2013

Brave New World

Jolla, the company made up of ex-Nokia employees who split away a few years ago has been hard at work creating not only their own HTML 5 mobile OS, but their own smartphone as well. It’s a pretty looking phone, as you can see, and that it runs on HTML 5 means that it already has access to the ever expanding library of HTML 5 apps out there.

Jolla have also just finished their pre-sales campaign for their phone, securing pre-orders from 136 countries and, it’s been reported, that batch contained tens of thousands of phones. So good news for Jolla then.

The interesting part is that, despite there having been a lot of hubbub about HTML 5 platforms, Jolla seem to be the only ones really rolling out their phone and OS with any real verve. Sure, Firefox have released their own OS and phones, but they’re low tier phones designed for the emerging markets. Sailfish seems to be targeted at the mid-range, and maybe even at the top spots if their first phone does well.

Little fish in a big pond

Juniper Research claims that whilst the smartphone market is very harsh, and that iOS and Android are unlikely to go anywhere; new platforms like Sailfish are quite possibly going to start making slow headway. Juniper predict that by 2018 platforms like Sailfish will have something in the range of a 13% market share. With Samsung still working on Tizen, another HTML 5 platform with its eyes on mid to top tier phones, there’s certainly some credence to that train of thought.

As mentioned, the Sailfish phone is still in pre-release right now, and there’s not a lot of information out there on how Sailfish feels to use; but it’s cool to see these types of phone starting to turn up and giving us all a break from iOS and Android dominating everything else.

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