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Top 25 Free Apps For iPhone

21st May 2013

The Apple App Store recently reached a notable milestone. Apple has now achieved a staggering 50 billion downloads. Since the App Store marketplace launched in July 2008, Apple has arguably created the worlds most prominent platform for downloading apps. What makes the App Store so compelling for developers and businesses alike, is it’s ability to create engaging app experiences for users. For businesses and brands seeking to join the mobile app development revolution, the App Store often represents the first target platform.

App Developers

Developers enjoy building apps for iOS, which provides the mobile operating system for Apple’s mobile and tablet devices such as the iPhone, the iPad, iPad mini etc, because it’s easy to use. Apple provide standardised UI components that make developing apps easy when compared to other platforms such as Google Android. Now with the introduction of mobile middleware technologies such as BaaS (Backend as a Service) it’s never been quicker and easier to develop apps for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. Apple has successfully created an environment in which developers can rapidly build scalable applications that enable businesses and brands to get to market fast.

Apple’s App Store

Apple’s App Store has been hugely popular with app developers since its launch. Within 7 months it attracted one million apps that had been developed by third parties. It’s a mixture of these factors including ease of development, time to market and the ability for developers to effectively monetise apps that make it such a compelling proposition today. Here at Waracle, we’re proud to have been developing mobile apps for some of the UK’s most prestigious companies and brands. The Apple App Store has provided the perfect deployment vehicle for the development of many apps for small business, brands and large enterprise.

50 Billion Downloads

In order to celebrate the 50 billion download milestone, Apple has kindly released a list of the Top 25 free apps of all time for iPhone. The Facebook app for iPhone claims the number one spot, with recent statistics suggesting users open the app on average 14 times per day. There are perhaps a few surprises in there, with some apps you would not expect to see making the hit list.

Developing Apps

The mobile app economy is still growing at a phenomenal rate. Apple remains at the forefront of the market with arguably the most sophisticated and profitable app deployment marketplace. As we move into world increasingly dominated by mobile technologies, there has never been a better time for businesses, brands and enterprise to develop apps for iPhone. Whether you’re looking to engage new and existing customers, enhance your brand or generate revenue, the time to develop apps is now. If you haven’t already developed an app for your business, now is the time to join the mobile revolution.

Since 2007, Waracle has been developing high performance apps for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and businesses to develop apps that generate revenue, reduce costs and provide an unparalleled presence via the worlds fastest growing and most profitable app deployment platform. Our clients include Virgin Atlantic, Imperial College London and the NHS to name but a few and we’re proud to be enabling our clients to reach the forefront of one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries in the world.

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