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Apple Has Promised To Up It’s Game

29th May 2013

Apple has promised to up its game. Company CEO Tim Cook has promised that Apple still has plenty gas left in the tank. Despite recent reports of Apple losing the plot and failing to innovate quickly enough with new products. Onlookers feel Apple may have had it’s season in the sun, with the iOS interface for iPhone remaining largely unchanged since it’s launch roughly 5 years ago. But the incumbent Apple supremo has promised there are game changing, momentous things to come. So from the people that developed iPhone, iPod, iMac and iPad, the message is that new products are coming soon. Mobile app developers the world over await these forthcoming announcements with baited breath.


So with 2 weeks to go until WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developer Conference), speculation is reaching fever pitch surrounding the potential announcement of new hardware devices. But this is purely speculation. What’s more of a certainty is a massive overhaul of the iOS software. Expect to see some major alterations when Apple launch iOS 7. Apple CEO Tim Cook argues that innovation is not always about innovating in new products and markets, suggesting high-tech firms can innovate within existing markets using existing products.

Apple TV

Apple has now successfully sold more than 13 million Apple TV devices. For a long time there have been suggestions that Apple may attempt to do something more radical in the smart tv space. If you’re the owner of a smart tv, you can perhaps understand where the innovation is required from Apple’s perspective. Clunky user interfaces and challenging UX (user experience) for consumers make using smart tv difficult, cumbersome almost. There is definitely room in this space for a company like Apple to reinvent the smart tv wheel. The question is – will Apple make an announcement about an Apple TV or richer smart tv functionality at the forthcoming WWDC 2013.

Wearable Technology

In terms of wearable technology, Tim Cook believes that Google will struggle to get it’s Glass product off the ground. “There are no examples of wearable tech that are able to do more than one thing well” the Apple CEO said. From that perspective, one could imagine Apple’s intentions to innovate within the wearable technology market and create new and compelling consumer products.

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