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The IT manager’s guide to mobile

18th December 2013

Running an IT department these days can be really tough. The proliferation of mobile, combined with cloud based service and platform infrastructure, has transformed the way modern IT departments operate. The days of on-site server hardware and localised storage are a thing of the past. Small businesses have now purchased their last on-site server. The next step is the cloud. There’s so much for an IT manager to consider these days, especially when you add mobile app development into the mix.

The problem is finding the right people. Establishing the correct blend of talent and expertise in mobile is hard. If as an IT manager you’re not experienced in mobile UI/UX yourself, the problem can be further exasperated. Whether your challenge is BYOD or mobile app development, you need the right people to lead the way.

The Waracle team has provided mobile thought leadership to some of the UK’s top businesses and brands. Some of us come from an IT background, so we understand the challenges associated with integrating mobile learning into your company. We’ve gained experience in mobile helping software development managers, brand and marketing managers and entrepreneurs, but we fundamentally understand the requirements of you as an IT manager.

We’re here to help you take those tentative first steps into the difficult and often daunting world of mobile. We understand enterprise mobility and security. We can also help transform traditional desktop UI/UX into mobile, enabling you to get something started. We can help perform vital knowledge transfer, get you over the start line, optimise your mobile program and gradually hand across to your team.

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s most forward thinking and innovative businesses. We’ve been developing mobile apps since 2007 across multiple platforms, helping our customers to get to grips with mobile. Some of our clients include Virgin Atlantic, Highland Park, Imperial College London and the NHS, so we’ve learnt a thing or two about integrating mobile into the mix for IT managers.

If you’d like to discuss your BYOD strategy or even explore the benefits of tapering your existing team for mobile, contact us today to find out more.

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