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Is This The iPhone 5S?

3rd June 2013

The technology world is currently buzzing as Apple prepare to launch iOS 7 at the forthcoming WWDC on June 10th. But is this enough for Apple? As the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 gain momentum in the marketplace, using the Google Android mobile operating system, the onus is on Apple to continue performing miracles.

iPhone 5S Concepts

There are some rumoured features that could be quite cool. One rumoured feature enhancement of the iPhone 5S would benefit security and would involve replacing the existing home button with a fingerprint scanner. So you can see the concept images of the iPhone 5S which display a curved design perhaps more akin to a Blackberry or Android device.

These designs incorporate the rumoured fingerprint scanner that would replace the home button. It has been suggested that the fingerprint scanner may be something that’s held off until the launch of the iPhone 6.

These designs are purely created to suggest where Apple might be heading with the launch of the iPhone 5S. Certainly there is no evidence to support that this is where Apple will head.

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