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iOS 7 is here and boy does it look different

11th June 2013

The more geek minded of us had a tough choice yesterday, do we watch Apple’s Keynote, or do we watch E3 coverage? Some of us opted to watch E3, if only to see Microsoft take what was possibly the most well orchestrated beating-by-presentation ever by Sony. Seriously, go read up about it. Sony essentially watched what Microsoft were doing, checked for reactions (pretty much all negative) and then went and did the opposite. There’s a definite lesson to be taken from letting your competition make all of your mistakes for you.

Apple’s WWDC Keynote

Apple’s Keynote may have been a more subdued affair, but it did introduce us to the newest iteration of iOS, which is very different to the OS you knew before.

As you can see, gone is the rounded, shiny look that we all associate with iOS and in comes a range of flatter, blockier shaded and ultimately, much cleaner design. One thing that iOS has always had going against it is the inheirent feel of busyness, like there was always just that little bit too much going on. It wasn’t an issue that stood out in your face, but looking at the screenshots of 7, it’s obvious that this was exactly what iOS needed to stay relevant.

It’s funny that despite Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 not really managing to take off, the design choices made with the Metro system have seemingly been incredibly influential in the choices made by app developers and other OS. BB 10 is similarly flat packed and square, and iOS 7 has followed suite, although with a suitably Apple-esq elegance that Blackberry sadly can’t match. Android is currently sitting somewhere in the middle of rounded and flat design, but with the latest upgrades to gmail to go on, we reckon it’s a fairly strong bet that Google is watching the way things are going and won’t be left behind.

iOS 7 Beautiful Redesign

This redesign should put paid to the idea that Apple have lost their touch for innovation though. As any browse through iOS 7 screenshots will show you, the next generation looks, quite frankly, beautiful. How it performs under the finger is yet to be found out, but knowing Apple it will be as slick as ever. The beta is already out for developers right now, and you can be sure that at Waracle we’ll be tinkering away with it in very short order to get ourselves up to speed for the fall release of the OS.

So if you’re looking for an app on iOS 7, Waracle will be ready and waiting for you when the gates open later this year. Until then, well, practice makes perfect and all that.

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