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The Key To Good Customer Service: A Breakdown From Our Expert, Silver Fox Keith Edmunds

5th April 2013

Today’s blog comes from Keith Edmunds, Waracle’s Operations Manager.

In amongst all the technical wizardry that goes on in the software industry it should never be forgotten that customer service remains an essential ingredient of any company operating in the information technology services sector.

For a software developer, great customer service can be distilled into three areas:

  • Communications
  • Transparency
  • Value for money


Communications is the art and science of listening to your customer, understanding their needs, and outlining your solution. It is very much a two-way process that requires a “partnership” approach to business relations; simply negotiating on price and finding the adjacent best fit solution, will rarely bring the best results. Both customer and developer need to know what the customer wants to achieve and both sides need to know how to bring their expertise to the table to get the most effective outcome.


Transparency encompasses communications between people and work-process systems. Customers hate being in the dark, so don’t keep them there. All software projects encounter difficulties; that is the nature of the industry. Keeping the customer abreast of progress and allowing them access to the project (through a customer portal for example) is the minimum standard that any software company should operate to.

Value for Money

Value for money does not mean cheap! It means meeting customer needs in a cost-effective and realistic manner. Ecommerce software is frequently required to deliver a very tangible and measureable benefit to the client. This means software companies have an obligation to understand optimisation, analytics, conversion rates and a multitude of other performance indicators. Just building a good looking website or app will no longer cut it; that much is common sense (or it should be!). The customer relations art is developing a relationship where you truthfully communicate your expertise to a client even at the expense of a sale! For example:
“You’re right, that will look great on your website….but it won’t help you make a single sale, so don’t do it!!!”

At Waracle we aim to partner our clients; to listen to their needs and provide our expertise in search of effective, profitable (for both of us) outcomes. We invite our clients into our work process software through our client portal so they can see what’s going on.
It seems to us, the more we open up, the easier it is to deliver the goods.

Now enough of this jibber-jabber, please follow the link below and find out how the Waracle client portal helps deliver a first-rate service to our customers.


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