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Conference season is over, let the rumour mill begin

14th June 2013

So that’s it for another year in terms of the 2 biggest mobile developer conferences out there. Google’s I/O brought us new tools for Android development but no new OS and WWDC was mostly about the new OS and not too much more. For the developer world we know there are still some changes to expect along the way from what was release or announced. iOS 7 is still in developer only beta and the tools Google have released are also beta prototypes.

Having said that, the internet based rumour mills for both OS have started kicking up into high gear, as if the conferences just whetted our appetites.

In the Apple Corner we have;

iPhone mini and Apple phablet?

Apple have revealed some new hardware at WWDC, like the jet engine style Mac Pro, but mobile devices were definitely not present. Not very surprising considering Apple are big fans of making a song and dance about their new products. New information from Reuters points to a couple of interesting little things.

First, that Apple are nearly ready to put the iPhone mini, otherwise known as the cheap iPhone, into production. The hold up at the moment is sorting the plastic covers to look up to scratch. According to the report they could be beginning production as early as next month, with mass production occurring soon after for a reported September launch. This will be Apple’s first targeted hit towards Android’s major market share in the developing market, and it will be interesting to see what impact it has.

The next, and perhaps more interest piquing is the news that Apple have been experimenting with different screen sizes ranging from 4.7” to 5.7”. The smaller screen is likely to be a potential for a generation of iPhone, but the 5.7”? Could it be that Apple are looking to enter into the phablet market? It is, after all, turning out to be quite a lucrative market and Samsung is currently dominating in it, could an Apple phablet do just as well in a market they didn’t create as the iPad Mini? Judging by past experience, very probably. That said, Apple do a lot of tinkering with hardware in the background without it ever arriving as a real product, so don’t get your hopes too high.

In the Android corner, we’ve got two big ones.

Android 5.0 and the Nexus 5

Key Lime Pie, which was rumoured to be expected at I/O, wasn’t even mentioned and even the smaller 4.3 update hasn’t had much attention paid to it by Google. That doesn’t mean, however, that these things aren’t on the way. In a recent rumour that’s making the rounds right now, we’ve been told that 5.0 may be on its way in September, with the newest version having optimisation targeted at older devices. Although they’ll need at least 512Mb of RAM to run it according to the report.

What would 5.0 be launching with? Well according to this same rumour, the Nexus 5. The timing makes sense, as the Moto X is also set to arrive around September so doing an Android one-two-three combo could be just what Google needs to stay relevant when Apple starts pulling back the veil on the new devices it promised for the end of this year. If there is indeed a Nexus 5 on the way, let’s hope that they sort the supply line better than they did the last time.

So, plenty of things to be excited about in the near future. In the meantime we’ll just have to amuse ourselves with the new toys we were given at the conferences.


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