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App Developers UK 2013: The Story So Far

30th April 2013

So it’s been an incredible start to 2013. We’re taking this opportunity to come up for air and tell you about the amazing apps we’ve been developing. We’d also like to thank everyone involved in each of our new projects, it’s an honour to be working with such amazing customers. We’ve been incredibly busy designing, developing, deploying, supporting and marketing high performance mobile apps for wonderful clients all across the UK. Here’s some of the highlights:

Imperial College London: App Development

We’re delighted to announce we’ve won a major contract with Imperial College London to develop apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Google Android and web. This comes in light of our recent success expanding our highly established and rapidly growing customer base in London. We’re delighted to be involved in developing apps for Imperial College London. A big thanks to Jose Marcano-Bellisario for the support, we’re looking forward to the collaborative partnership.

SAY Award (Scottish Album Of The Year): App Development (Stewart Henderson)

We’ve also been working hard for the second year running developing the app for The Scottish Album Of The Year Award. It’s incredible to be a part of this project and a thrill to see some of the fantastic local acts included in this years lineup. The SAY Award app has been developed across multiple platforms in an extremely tight time frame across iPhone, iPad, Google Android and Windows Mobile. A huge thanks to Stewart Henderson and the rest of the SAY Award team, it’s a pleasure to be involved.

Zero Waste Scotland: App Development (Julie Mathieson)

We’ve also been working exceptionally hard to deliver new apps and updates for Zero Waste Scotland. It’s been great to have such a long-standing and fruitful relationship with ZWS having been commissioned in 2008 to develop the first iPhone app for Love Food Hate Waste. The app went on to generate over 100k+ downloads and gained publicity from the BBC, Radio 2 and The New York Daily News. Thanks to Julie Mathieson for the support it’s fantastic to be involved.

Scottish Referend-um Mobile App

So the cat’s out of the bag on this one – Waracle are developing an app for the Scottish referendum. On 18th September 2014 the people of Scotland will vote in an independence referendum. They will be asked the question: Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes or No. Coming soon to a mobile device near you, Referend-um is the mobile voting application for Scotland’s referendum. Simply download the app, record your vote and view the results of the poll.

Use our unique slider mechanism to place your vote on the spectrum between yes and no. Once you’ve seen the results, you can share them with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. We’ll contact you from time to time via the app to see if your vote has changed and why. This is your opportunity to influence the most historic political event in Scotland’s history. Download the app for iPhone, iPad and Google Android today to cast your vote and view the latest real-time results. Check out the @Referend_um for up to the minute launch and development news.

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