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What Are The UK’s Top 10 Favourite Smartphones?

12th April 2013

As app developers, we deal with customers from all over the UK and beyond. We often get asked the same question from potential customers, “Which platform should I develop my app for?”. It’s common business sense to cater for the platforms that have the largest market share. It’s also pertinent to consider the traits of your audience. If you’re developing an app for a specific platform, make sure the users of the platform share the same characteristics as your customer personas. So which platform currently rules the roost?

Mobile Magazine has named the Apple iPhone 5 as the UK’s favourite smartphone. This news comes as Android fans eagerly await the launch of the Galaxy S4. Based on’s mobile tracker, these findings are based on overall web search volume and sales. The Samsung Galaxy S3 had held the top spot for over ten months only to be knocked off it’s perch by the iPhone 5 in March 2013. This highlights the popularity and success of the Samsung handset, a smartphone designed to target the mass market. It’s common knowledge that despite impressive sales and numbers, the iPhone trumps Android when it comes to revenue generation via the app store. We know that Apple customers and owners of the iPhone are conditioned and primed to spend money.

UK’s Top 10 Smartphones March 2013

1. Apple iPhone 5 16GB, (Up two)
2. Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Up five)
3. Samsung Galaxy SIII 16GB (Down two)
4. Sony Xperia Z (Down two)
5. HTC One (New entry)
6. Apple iPhone 4 8GB (Re-entry)
7. Samsung Galaxy SII (Up two)
8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Up two)
9. Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (Re-entry)
10. LG Nexus 4 (Down two)

Apple iPhone v’s Samsung Galaxy

There is a real sense that early tech adopters are holding out for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Since Samsung announced the launch of the new Galaxy S4 handset, sales of the Galaxy S3 have subsided. Samsung has created a hype bubble whilst gearing up for the launch of the Galaxy S4, that has effectively enabled not one but two versions of the iPhone to become the UK’s favorite smartphone – both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. This is significant considering the Samsung Galaxy S3 reigned supreme in the number one spot for over ten months.

So the competition at the top of the stack is between Apple and Samsung. But let’s not forget the mid-table, as there’s some notable competition including Sony, LG and HTC (notice Nokia are absent from the top ten). We can expect to see another shift as Blackberry attempt to win back their core faithful with the keyboard ready Q10 device. It’s clear Samsung are intent on disrupting Apple’s party. As the battle for smartphone supremacy in the UK hots up, we’re left wishing the weather would only do the same.

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