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Android and iOS Dominate The World Of Mobile

24th May 2013

Sometimes it feels like the world of mobile apps is completely dominated by Android and Apple iOS. That’s probably because the mobile world is largely dominated by these two companies. In Q1 of 2013 the two mobile giants made up 92% of smartphone shipments and sales. The data clearly suggests that Apple and Android’s respective mobile platforms are far greater than anything the competition has to offer. Collectively the two companies successfully shipped a combined 199.5 million units. This is a 56% increase on sales in the previous year.

Windows Phone and Blackberry

Interestingly, in terms of Windows Phone and Blackberry, the data confirmed that Microsoft has successfully secured the slot as the third biggest market player. So whilst Android and iOS continue to develop the market for mobile and mobile apps, there is also interesting activity in terms of the other platforms like Windows Phone and Blackberry as consumers seek out alternatives to the mainstream. Windows Phone has greatly benefited from the participation of Nokia, whilst Blackberry recently launched it’s BB10 and shipped 1 million units in it’s first quarter.

Google Android

It’s Google Android that is making the biggest waves in terms of increasing market share. Samsung create 41% of devices that are equipped with the Google Android operating system for mobile. Whilst Apple’s share of the mobile operating system market continues to decline, these figures don’t paint the full picture. It’s widely acknowledged that iOS consumers are conditioned to spend money both on apps and IAP’s (in app purchases). Sales of smartphones are primarily driven by the availability and perceived quality of apps within an ecosystem. Apple developers tend to make more money, which means they develop more apps and games for iOS. In turn consumers switch to the smartphone platform that offers the richest app store experience. Don’t be deceived by the market share data!

Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad

The biggest challenge for Apple is shaking up what’s essentially been the same user experience on iOS since 2007. However Apple promises that this is about to change dramatically with the imminent launch of iOS 7. The rumour mill suggests that the user interface and overall user experience is about to undergo what’s being described as a significant overhaul. Windows Phone has successfully managed to double it’s share of the mobile market in the past two years. This was largely driven by Nokia which comprised 79% of the Windows Phone shipments. Despite the decline in Blackberry’s market share performance, the company seems confident that new software and hardware in the form of BB10 will give them the required boost.

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