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5 lessons we can learn from Bill Gates

7th January 2014

1.) Change the world, or go home

Perhaps easier said than done, this phrase is tactfully pinned upon walls throughout Microsoft HQ. It defines how Bill Gates chooses to live his life. Mr Gates once said, ““Humanity’s greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.”

2.) Blaze a trail

Sometimes the right path to choose is not always obvious. Sometimes the path doesn’t even exist. When there’s nobody out there to follow, sometimes you have to create the path by yourself and not be afraid to do so. Bill Gates believed that desktop PC’s were the future and that every home would possess one. He was absolutely right and had the courage to create his own path.

3.) Be urgent

The world of technology moves at break neck speed – markets change constantly. Sometimes in business, by the time you realise you’re in trouble, it’s too late. Bill gates suggests you have to be running scared constantly to stay on top. Only the paranoid survive.

4.) Be an executor

You have to take action and execute. It helps if you’re executing the right thing, but that’s a separate point. People think with mobile app development that having an idea is a winning ticket. They’d be wrong. The world is packed to the brim with ideas people, but very few have the skill and drive to execute an idea effectively. This is what separates the ballers from the rest.

5.) Learn from unhappy customers

Happy customers are great. But you’ll learn more crafting a business operation around the weak points. Unhappy customers help you, for free, to define where the pressure points are in your business and rectify them. Listen to all of your customers. Positive feedback is wonderful but helping unhappy customers and turning negative situations into positive business opportunities is more valuable.


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