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40% of Americans use Facebook everyday

14th August 2013

Facebook has recently unveiled new user metrics data. The announcement indicates that 128 million people in America log into the site every day via the desktop version of the website. This is encouraging for the existing desktop based version of the Facebook service, as users increasingly switch to consumption via tablets and smartphones. This means that more than 40% of American people are accessing Facebook via a desktop PC every day.

Facebook Smartphone Traffic

But what about mobile consumption? Facebook has struggled historically to monetise a user base that is increasingly migrating from desktop PC to smartphone and tablet consumption. The data suggests that everyday more than 101 million American citizens are accessing facebook via a smartphone or tablet, the bulk of this traffic coming from the Android or iPhone app.

Attractive to advertisers

Facebook publishes these metrics in order to attract advertisers. Facebook makes money through engaging users via desktop and mobile and enabling them to click on targeted adverts that appear in the side of the screen. Facebook has traditionally had difficulty in monetising mobile users through advertising revenue. Facebook users were conditioned to click adverts via the desktop/web version, but until very recently, Facebook’s mobile app did not even possess adverts. It was only relatively recently that facebook made it’s first dollar through the mobile app.

Facebook’s advertising revenue is through the roof

As recently as last month, facebook managed to astonish Wall Street analysts, after a disastrous stock market flotation, having amassed over $1.6 billion in advertising revenue. More than $650 million of Facebook’s advertising revenue came from the mobile app, with users increasingly opting to access the service via iPhone or iPad. In the past Facebook has published figures relating to MAU’s (monthly active users) in order to attract advertising revenue. The company now posts revenue figures based on users clicking and tapping on the adverts to attract businesses and brands.

Video Advertising

One thing to consider is the role that video advertising will play in the future. Facebook will increasingly look to user video as a medium to engage and monetise brands, businesses and consumers. In 2014, the market for Facebook video adverts will surpass $1 billion. By the year 2020, it’s estimated this figure is estimated to reach over $6.5 billion. This would mean that if the 2014 projections are correct, that Facebook would account for more than 1% of the American television advertising market.

Facebook Shareholders

The news is encouraging for Facebook who have responded well to shareholder pressure by posting admirable revenue growth in both mobile and desktop. In the future Facebook will seek to grow further through video based advertising, competing heavily with Google for advertising dollars from brands and businesses.

Are you a Facebook user? Do you prefer the mobile or desktop experience?

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