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3 ways Santa could harness the power of mobile

19th December 2013

Everyone knows it’s tough for Santa making the rounds on Christmas eve. So many presents to deliver, so little time. What’s worse, is that Santa has been reliant on the same old means to do his job. It’s a simple set-up that involves a few elves and some reindeer. But like many forward thinking businesses these days, Santa could seriously optimise his operations by embracing the power of mobile technology. His aim is to get the right presents to the right people in the fastest time possible. Today we’re exploring how Santa could harness the power of mobile to optimise the performance of his team.

1. Naughty or nice app for parents

It’s the same story every year. One of Santa’s biggest bugbears is establishing who’s been naughty and nice. It’s a tough and time consuming job ensuring that the right presents go to the right, correctly behaved kids. One way Santa could create a fairer system is to release a mobile app for parents. Available across iOS, Android and desktop, the app would act as a virtual scorecard for parents to inform Santa if kids are behaving. In today’s data driven society, this removes the guess work from Santa’s job. Parents can quickly and easily score kids’ behaviour each day via the mobile app helping to save Santa the usual time, money and stress.

2. GPS tracking for reindeers and elves

On Christmas night, Santa really has his work cut out ensuring everything gets done on time. Keeping tabs on the elves and reindeer can be a logistical nightmare. Like any good field sales operation, Santa could use mobile technology and GPS to create a real-time locational map of where his helpers are. The app would be split into two parts, one for the reindeers and one for the elves. For the reindeer, the app would work like Runkeeper, keeping a tally of distance covered, calories burned in relation to the delivery route, This would enable Santa to identify when reindeer are tired and take the necessary action. The second part of the app would be for the elves back in the factory, enabling them to manage inventory. As presents are loaded onto the sleigh from the Grotto, Santa can keep a firm handle on which gifts are going where, helping him save time and money.

3. Breathalyzer app

There are numerous breathalyzer apps available today. This is fine for your average drinker and a normal level of alcohol consumption. But on Christmas Eve, when doing the rounds, Santa has to consume industrial quantities of mince pies and booze. Whilst Santa’s metabolic features enable him to process vast amounts of alcohol, it’s always good to keep tabs on the intake, and maybe stick to a glass of milk if he’s starting to feel drowsy. Santa could benefit from having a customised app that enables him to calculate his intake of alcohol as he delivers the presents, helping him to keep a clear head and minimise delivery errors.

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