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How Voice Activated Search Will Change Software & Marketing Forever

5th May 2014

“By 2020 we will be living in a world of 20 billion web connected devices. Wearable tech and the IoT will drive widespread adoption of Voice Activated Search”

Gartner, 2014.

“I’ve broken the screen of my iPhone, where’s the nearest place around here to get it fixed?” “I really want to watch Game of Thrones, where can I download the latest episode?” “Where can I buy tickets for the cup final?” You maybe haven’t noticed yet, but voice activated search (VAS) is about to take off. When it does, it’ll change the business landscape as we know it. We’re not just talking about Siri. This will have far reaching implications in terms of how users discover content and engage with your brand.

Voice activated search will change the way websites and apps are designed, developed, marketed and optimised. It’ll change every area of your company from marketing to sales, software development and IT. This will present enormous opportunities and challenges for business owners. The truth is, savvy businesses are already ahead of the curve. If you’re worried about the ramifications voice activated search will have for your business, the time to get to grips with it is now. If you’re wondering where to start, consider the following:

If you’re a CEO…

Voice activated search will dramatically change the world of SEO. Consumers will increasingly use conversational voice search queries and phrases to discover information on products and services. This will mean that fewer people use traditional typed keyword phrases into search engines. As a result this will dramatically affect the way websites and apps are designed, developed, marketed and optimised. Your prospective customers will use VAS in an attempt to discover your website and gather information about who you are.

If you’re a Marketing Manager…

Search engines are already becoming less reliant on keywords and increasingly becoming dependent on natural language questions. As things naturally progress towards VAS, anyone involved with SEO or content marketing will need to adapt their game fast. Traditional typed search will over time diminish and your business needs to be geared up for the changes. There will be vast rewards for marketers who can keep up to speed with the changes in search behaviour. Keyword matching and search can deliver huge amounts of data whereas voice search queries will generate less data but more specific results. Semantic search will get better as Google gathers data on how people use VAS and help marketers to understand the intent of each search – you will need to study this data to understand how and why your customers make certain searches in relation to your product and build this into your marketing strategy.

If you’re a Software Development Manager…

VAS will be driven by the adoption of new forms of Wearable technology, mobile and the IoT (Internet of Things) and will change the way you need to think about user interface design and development. VAS requires radically new thinking when compared to designing UI for keyword search so you’ll need to think about designing a UI that provides immediacy and accessibility for users making VAS commands. Immediacy and accessibility are two key benefits for users engaging with wearable, mobile and VAS.

If you’re interested in VAS and how it can be utilised to empower your business, contact Waracle today for a quick, free consultation.

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