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Top Five Mobile App Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

17th October 2013

Many big companies such as Argos, Tesco and IBM have been fast to embrace the explosive growth of mobile app marketing. However, developing a mobile marketing strategy can feel daunting if you’re running a small to medium sized business. In today’s blog we’ll explore the top five tips for small businesses when it comes to developing a coherent and effective mobile marketing strategy.

1.) Optimise your website for mobile visitors

Increasingly, your customers are discovering your business website via smartphones and tablets. Whilst many small businesses have developed a desktop friendly website over the past decade, very few are conscious that vast amounts of traffic are now coming direct from mobile devices. It’s astonishing how many websites suck when viewed via mobile. Unless your website is mobile friendly, trying to develop an audience through smartphones and tablets is utterly pointless. There are some very quick and easy ways to make your existing website mobile responsive. Make sure your site adjusts accordingly when viewed across a range of different mobile devices.

2.) Create a ‘click-to-call’ mobile marketing campaign

Due to the rapid growth in mobile compared with desktop, clicking has been superseded by touching, tapping and swiping. If you’re used to using Google Adwords for desktop, there are some really neat techniques you can deploy that specifically target mobile. You should create a separate campaign that’s totally focused on targeting smartphones and tablets. Within your campaign you can target different locations at different times to analyse which contextual buying situations return more bang for your buck. Google has also rolled out a new feature called ‘bid-per-call’ allowing bids to be manually placed for automatic phone enquiries and leads for your business. Location is the new cookie and mobile is the driver.

3.) Add your mobile responsive site listing to Google Places

This seems so obvious – but it’s a superb way of enabling prospective customers to view your site across all devices – particularly mobile. It means your site can be discovered via any channel that utilises the Google Places API. It also means that your site can be discovered organically via Google and displays your business location, phone number and directions. You can augment the quality of your Google Places listing by adding photos (product screenshots perhaps?) and star ratings or customer testimonials.

4.) Get to grips with your mobile ROI

Before you get started developing a mobile marketing strategy, you need to check out your Google Analytics. What percentage of your existing traffic is being directed through mobile? In this day and age it’s not unusual for certain types of small businesses to have 30-40% of overall traffic coming through mobile devices. This percentage will increase dramatically for most businesses in the next 3 – 5 years as consumers shift from desktop to mobile. You can see which devices are most popular (iPhone, Android etc), the source of the enquiry and establish which marketing activities are providing the best ROI via mobile.

5.)  Create a CTA above the fold

When marketing your mobile app, you need a coherent and concise call to action (CTA). When dealing with mobile devices, you have much less space to play with. You need to make sure you have a call to action positioned ‘above the fold’. This means that mobile users can click through to a phone number or contact enquiry form without scrolling anywhere on the page. So in theory the CTA should be visible instantaneously when a prospective customer accesses your site via mobile.

Waracle specialise in the development and marketing of high performance mobile apps for iPhone, Android and web. We can help your business develop a mobile responsive web front end and utilise the right channels to nurture your app to prosperity post launch. If you’re interested in discussing mobile app development or marketing, we can help you explore the options and develop a costing and timeline for your project. Contact Waracle today.

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