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The significance of 2018 Mobile Trends

6th February 2018

In 2018, mobile trends will continue to change our personal lives, the enterprise and the world around us. At Waracle, the UK’s leading mobile app development, IoT and digital consulting company, we’re obsessed with helping our UK and EU clients to innovate faster through development and deployment of the latest mobile technologies. That’s why we keep ahead of the trends to make recommendations to clients for their digital products.

So, what’s the significance of 2018’s top 5 mobile trends?

2018 Mobile Trends

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Voice Control
  4. Augmented Reality (AR)
  5. Blockchain

Our mobile app developers believe that these new technologies such as the IoT, AI, voice control, AR and blockchain will have profound ramifications for businesses seeking to provide a competitive differentiator.  If you’re a brand or business committed to rapid innovation and are keen to understand the consequences of these new and emerging mobile app development technologies, then read on…

1 Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2018 the IoT will continue to rapidly evolve and become increasingly sophisticated, providing a compelling competitive differentiator for innovators and early adopters. Now is the time to start developing an IoT initiative especially if your business involves sensors, apps, wearables and big data. As new technologies emerge, there are vast opportunities for enterprises seeking to expand existing operations and software functionality into the IoT.

2 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are many business benefits associated with deploying artificial intelligence technologies in conjunction with existing and new mobile app development projects.

The key to getting this right in 2018 will be based upon businesses ability to identify solid commercial use case scenarios and finding the right suppliers to integrate the technology.

3 Voice Control

As a business, you’ll need to consider how voice control is liable to impact your company’s software offering and develop a mobile app development plan that incorporates voice control into your future technology roadmap.

Traditional type based search is now starting to diminish in favour of voice activated commands. Keyword matching and search possess the ability to deliver huge amounts of data, whereas voice control provides the ability to generate less data but with far more specific results. Semantic search, both in web and mobile apps, will become increasingly intuitive as natural language processing becomes more sophisticated.

4 Augmented Reality (AR)

The potential of AR technologies is vast, not just for technology giants like Apple and Google, but for businesses and brands across the world. As technology quickly shifts from what we carry to what we wear, this will heavily impact the way in which new mobile software services and products are delivered at enterprise and consumer level. Both ARKit and ARCore provide a simple, lightweight entry point into AR technology and will enable your business to quickly experiment with the potential capabilities of AR technology in a way never before possible.

5 Blockchain

In 2018 blockchain will continue to emerge and mature in terms of scalability, verifiability, manageability and auditability. Legal frameworks and global applications for blockchain will continue to mature and mobile app developers and businesses alike will create plans for prototypes and POC’s.  To develop a blockchain initiative, you can begin by experimenting with ‘test and learn’ constructs. Understanding blockchain platforms, emerging business models and processes will be critical to success.

To learn more about these top 5 mobile trends, why not download the free Whitepaper?

About Waracle Mobile App Development Team, Scotland, UK

Waracle, part of Exception, are one of the UK’s largest mobile app development, IoT and digital consulting companies.  Since 2008 Waracle have created some of the most exciting Mobile and IoT apps on the market. Creating Mobile Web, iOSAndroid, Hybrid, Native, Internet of Things (IoT), Voice and Augmented Reality (AR) mobile apps for Clydesdale Bank, ScottishPower/Iberdrola, Sainsbury’s Bank, NHS, Scotrail, Scotmid, Peak Scientific, Waracle is a trusted digital transformation partner.

With offices in Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, Waracle have a rapidly growing team of industry leading UX designers, scrum-masters, iOS, Android and Hybrid developers, QA and App Store Optimisation experts.   We’ve proven in-depth experience across many industry sectors including; Fintech, Scientific Research, Digital Health, Energy, Transportation and Luxury Goods and have become a trust partner for many of the UK’s largest brands.

Our experience has resulted in a robust engineering process that has agile at it’s core.   We have the flexibility to work with small teams, as part of your own team or scale up for large projects. Waracle’s team have commercially succeeded in creating, developing and launching industry leading software products and bring that knowledge and experience into each customer engagement.

Waracle is regularly cited as an industry leading mobile app and IoT development company from independent research companies including Clutch, AppIndex and Carnival.   Waracle mobile app developers are also an IBM Watson IoT Partner. In addition to an investment in Mozenix (Augmented Reality), Waracle also have investment in Kumulos (Mobile App Performance Software) and Wallet.Services (Blockchain).


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