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The secrets of mobile app marketing: The development of Referend-um for iPhone

9th October 2013

Referend-um is a mobile app designed, developed and marketed by Waracle in Dundee. Waracle develop apps for customers and blue-chip brands throughout Scotland and the UK. The app was developed to enable Waracle to generate customer engagement through Scottish B2C channels in order to generate B2B app development and marketing leads and enquiries.


Since 2007 the company has developed a track record as Scotland’s leading mobile app development and marketing agency, having worked with blue-chip brands such as Virgin Atlantic, the NHS, O2 and The Imperial College London. Waracle’s track record in Scotland has enabled the company to work with fantastic blue-chip clients such as Zero Waste Scotland, The Scottish Government, The Scottish Football Association, Highland Park Whiskey and many, many more.

“We’re inherently proud of what we do and we’re fanatical about helping our customers understand the complex yet highly lucrative landscape of mobile marketing”

Tom Radford, Business Development Manager, Waracle


Developing the Referend-um mobile app

The marketing and development team at Waracle came up with a unique and innovative idea to enhance the companies brand and generate engagement for existing and prospective customers. The idea was to develop a mobile app for Scotland’s forthcoming independence referendum in 2014.

The Referend-um mobile app

The app enables people to simulate a vote via a mobile app and view/share real-time results via a website. The app aims to engage a younger, mobile savvy demographic and provide an easy and discreet way for mobile app users to participate in the Scottish referendum conversation.

We want to show you exactly what it takes to develop a killer mobile app and nurture it to success. Whether you’re looking to generate new revenue streams or enhance engagement with prospective customers, understanding the world of mobile marketing is fundamental to success.

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