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Changes coming are you ready… Mobile First for Google Search

31st March 2015

Mobile First for Google Search.  This is big news if you are looking to get your website found on Google SERPs and lets face it all of us rely on organic search traffic for customer acquisition to some extent.

Google changes search algorithm

So you have to know about this. From April 21st ’15 Google will be introducing two important changes to how their search algorithms work. The idea is to make sure that users searching on mobiles get a better search experience.

This is Google getting behind something we have been saying for a while… #thinkmobilefirst. Now from April 21st it will apply to your websites also. There are two main things coming.

Mobile friendly sites rank higher

Making sure your website is mobile friendly. That means a properly responsive website.  To be fair Google have been heading down this track for a while. Late last year they rolled out mobile friendly search label to their mobile search results so users knew in advance what to expect – a properly responsive website or tiny text. So you could say this is the next logical step… rank sites higher if they are built mobile friendly. If you aren’t sure how mobile friendly your website is, contact us and we’ll take a look, give you some pointers and work with you to fix them up if you want us to.

Installed Apps influence rankings

The second big change is Google will be factoring-in information from indexed apps in search rankings for users who are signed into an installed app. So now this suggests (for android users) that search results will take into account what apps are installed on the mobile device and prioritise that content on SERPs.  So if you get android users visiting your site from SERPS’s your digital marketing strategy needs to include a well thought through App strategy.

Not got an app strategy you are happy with, then get in touch.

Given Googles drive to deliver the best possible search experience, this all makes perfect sense… but for marketeers it makes it even more important to #thinkmobilefirst.

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