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How To Optimise The Perfect Mobile Landing Page

25th March 2013

As customers increasingly shift away from desktop browsing to mobile, it’s critical to make sure your website is responsive and renders well via smartphones. This week we’ll explore how to design, develop and optimise the perfect mobile landing page. Creating a mobile optimised landing page can be the perfect marketing tool if you’re trying to market a mobile app or convert pay-per-click website visitors. The purpose of your optimisation programme is to improve the quality score of your PPC adverts, enhance conversion performance and provide a better quality experience for your customers.

Making the shift to mobile seems to be a difficult transition for many companies still focused on desktop. This means that in many cases, companies are completely ignoring the mobile landing page experience. This means there is a huge gap in the mobile search marketing space for those companies who are investing in optimising for mobile landing pages. There are now over 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions throughout the world, and the adoption of mobile and tablet devices is further marginalising the importance of desktop. By next year, more people will be using mobile than desktop PC to access the web. Do you even understand how much of your overall traffic is coming from desktop compared to mobile? If not, check your Google Analytics and start planning accordingly.

“88% of mobile searchers take action within 24 hours. About 70% take action within an hour.”

Google Mobile Movement Study, 2011


When optimising your mobile landing page, simple alterations can create a 20-30% uplift in conversion performance. This is excellent new for marketers, but pointless if you’re receiving hits from mobile and not optimising the relevant landing pages. Studies suggest that mobile converts harder than desktop, so it makes sense to focus marketing efforts on optimising for smartphone visitors. The point being, that if you understand the makeup of your mobile v’s desktop traffic, it can help you to focus on making the right decisions. For the rest of this week we’re going to be exploring the top tips for optimising the perfect mobile landing page.

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