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4 essentials for mobile app marketing

20th July 2018

If your business is launching a new mobile app then it’s an exciting time! You’ve optimised your descriptions, screens and keywords for the app stores, you’ve got your analytics in place, you hopefully have an onboarding plan, but, have you really thought about your app digital marketing strategy?

You can own an amazing app but you need to make sure it’s discovered and known for its benefits and you need to drive installation and engage your target users. So, don’t just think about app development as a one-off project – remember to look at the whole life-cycle including optimisation and digital marketing. Here’s four essentials to get you off the ground and promote your app to new and existing users.

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Mobile Advertising & AdWords Display
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing

Don’t forget to return to the Waracle blog in future for deep dives into each of these essential marketing techniques…

Email Marketing

Email is and will continue to be an important part of any digital marketing plan and the good news is that it’s very cost effective. There are lots of free tools you can use such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor and once you get started, you have direct access to a realm of data knowing who’s opened your message and who’s clicked on which links.

You can use email at all app launch stages from wide-audience pre-launch emails, to launch emails and then targeted messages for app users. Always ensure your call-to-action (CTA) is clear whether that’s trying to download your app or check-out new features.

Just make sure your email newsletters are designed to be mobile-friendly – 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices (Litmus) and this figure is rapidly increasing.

Mobile Advertising & Adwords Display

The great thing about Mobile Advertising is that you can reach your users wherever they are,for example your potential app user could be using YouTube, searching using their mobile or simply using their Gmail. As the number one Search site, Ad Network, Video Platform, and Mail product, Google offers a diversity of Advertising formats and placements that can reach your target user at the right time.

Did you know, on average, 98% of people browsing any web address, at any time, will leave without converting?  This is where you need Google remarketing. To drive more value from your app, you need to bring customers back.  It’s easy to build and use remarketing lists to drive users back into your app.

Content Marketing

Create informative content whether that’s a blog article, whitepaper, images, video snippet or podcast, use this to promote your app pre-launch and drive awareness and build authority as an expert in your field.

Importantly, make sure you develop mobile ready content,sounds obvious when you have a mobile app but you’ll need to think about writing blog content that’s easy for people to scan bite-size chunks of info on their mobiles. Don’t forget to feature user reviews in your content – there’s nothing as great as social proof!

Social Media Marketing

Once you have the content marketing plan sorted, your social media marketing plan will come together easily as you use all channels to distribute your content. Ensure your presence is felt on the social media channels relevant to your App such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Announce new versions and be sure to share real life examples of people enjoying your mobile app – did I say there’s nothing as great as social proof! An easy way to grow your users is social word of month –  actually have your users do your social media marketing for you by building in social calls to action within the app.

Get your app digital marketing strategy started today using these four techniques and you’ll soon see the benefits of your app being discovered and user engagement increasing. If this has whet your appetite then don’t don’t forget to return to this blog in future for deep dives into each of these marketing techniques and in the meantime, check out Waracle’s 5 key considerations when planning for mobile.

We can help you market your app with our App Grow services. Speak to Waracle Digital Marketing Optimisation team today and find out how to get your app found in-store, how to run proactive campaigns, attract new users, engage users and how to analyse user data (we’re all about data and certified by Google Analytics & AdWords!).

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