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How Many App Downloads Do You Need To Conquer The App Store?

5th July 2013

Thinking about developing an iPhone app? Ever wondered what it takes to cut it with the best on the App Store? At Waracle, we’ve experienced success on the app store, by developing apps for customers, so we understand what’s required. If you’ve wondered what it takes in terms of download volume, the kind people at Distimo have distilled the numbers for you. In order for a free app to reach the top 10 in the USA, you’ll require on average 70,000 daily downloads. If you’re looking to go top 10 for paid apps, you’ll require about 4000 daily downloads. Sounds easy right?


Best time to deploy your app

If you’re looking for the right time to deploy your app, or when you might expect to get the most sales, Sunday is always a safe bet. On the flip side, deploy your app on a Tuesday and you may find fewer people actually listening to your story. Developing and marketing your app must be treated as separate functions. You cannot simply develop an app, deploy to Apple and expect it to fly into the top ten – it just doesn’t work that way. App development and success in the real world requires good marketing, but that’s a separate story.


iPhone app downloads to make the top 50

So again, specifically for iPhone, if you want to reach the number 50 position for free apps globally, you’ll require approximately 23,000 downloads per day. To reach the same position in the paid charts requires far fewer downloads, roughly 950. Sounds easy but remember you’re asking nearly 1000 people every day to pay for your product. Ever wondered what it takes in terms of revenue to hit the top 50 highest grossing apps in the store? If you want to play with the big swingers in the app store and become a top grosser, you’re going to need to be bringing in $12,000 per day. Remember this is a gross figure and Apple still has to take it’s 30% chunk.

Is making the App Store top 50 enough?

So developing an iPhone app and reaching the top 50 on the app store sounds desirable, but is it enough? The real goal should be to make the top 10, as this provides you with much greater exposure to potential users of your app. You also have to consider seasonality, December being a particularly competitive time as app developers vie for festive downloads. If you want your iPhone app to reach the top 10 free position in May, you’ll require roughly 70,000 downloads per day. Having developed a paid app for iPhone, you’d require 4,000 downloads to achieve a top ten position. To achieve the same top 10 position in the highest grossing chart, you’d need to be generating $47,000 per day.

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