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Developing A Killer Landing Page Optimisation Strategy: The Top 5 Tips

20th July 2018

We all know it – conversion optimisation is both an art and a science. Today’s blog looks at the top 5 tips for optimising the conversion performance of your landing pages. Let’s cut to the chase … conversion optimisation on landing pages is mostly about simplicity; stripping back the copy of a page to just 5 elements that are always displayed above the fold. Let’s do this:

1. Create a powerful leading statement

The leading statement or headline is the most prominent part of the landing page being the one thing that almost all visitors will read. Make sure the headline is clear to give your potential customers a reason to read on to the next elements. The headline should also always incorporate the keywords used to get to the landing page.

2. Develop a supporting statement in the sub-heading

The supporting statement in the sub-heading is your chance to expand on the short but powerful leading statement. Provide a bit of extra information and substantiate the claims you’ve made in your leading statement. Include some social proofing with a client testimonial and some of your previous clients.

3. Bullet point a few benefits

Adding a brief section with the core details and benefits of your service, these are the things that will help your potential customers in their decision making process. By bullet pointing the benefits you are making them much easier to read and emphasizing your most powerful selling points. On our landing page example we have made our bullet points in the supporting statement as bold text to create the emphasis we wanted.

4. Create a strong call to action

Your call to action copy has a major impact in conversion rate optimisation. The CTA should grab the attention of the visitor by using colour, contrast and should describe exactly what the they will get. Keep the CTA away from any cluttered areas to make it stand out using white space to draw attention to it.

5. Urgency statement

Urgency statements entice visitors by adding urgency to the experience. A good way to create this agency could be a discount with a time limit or even a limited quantity available.

While these points are vastly important in increasing your landing pages optimisation, it’s also highly benefitial to A/B test these 5 elements. Test various versions of the leading and supporting statements, test different client testimonials, test different bullet points and test the placement and design of the call to action.

Now you’re all tipped out, go forth and optimise!

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