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Celebrate success but heed the lessons of failure…

20th November 2013

As software engineers, we must learn to celebrate success but heed the lessons of failure…

If you’re in business, particularly in mobile, learning to heed the lessons of failure is more important than the ability to celebrate success. In the UK failure is viewed as a negative. In other words, if you’re trying to access credit or finance via the banks, your probability of success will be diminished if you’ve experienced failure in previous ventures.

In the US failure is perceived differently. Bank managers see failure as a positive character trait in entrepreneurs. The idea being that entrepreneurs who have experienced failure are more determined to succeed next time round and better equipped to deal with obstacles and challenges.

The thing is, we all fail sometimes. Nobody is an exception to the rule. The most successful entrepreneurs all have to deal with massive amounts of failure along the way. If you can acknowledge that failure is just a natural part of the process you can actually embrace it in a positive light and use it to your advantage.

It’s how you respond to failure that’s important.

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