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5 ways to advertise using mobile

25th June 2015


Why mobile is important to your business

The volume of consumers using mobile to consume content and business services is growing exponentially. The crazy part is, most advertisers are not getting it right and investing ad budget in all the wrong areas. Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends Report for 2015 highlighted advertisers disproportionate spending approach to global ad expenditure relative to eyeball time and consumption. But before you start thinking about advertising on mobile networks, you need to consider how you can make your content easy to consume via smartphones, tablets and watches.

Print is history

The fact is, brands and businesses are continuing to spend WAY too much time, money and effort investing valuable resources in print media. Print now represents a tiny 4% of overall media consumption, yet 18% of industry advertising expenditure is driven in this direction. This means that if you’re a company relying on print media advertising to transmit your message, your customers and prospects have moved on. Now is an awesome time to throw away the old rule book and think about a new direction in terms of mobile.

“Print now represents a tiny 4% of overall media consumption, yet 18% of advertising expenditure is driven in this direction”

It’s not just print media advertising that’s suffering as consumers turn their attention to mobile. Radio and TV are becoming increasingly less attractive to smart advertisers. Radio represents 11% of media consumption and 11% of global expenditure. TV also represents a bad bet in terms of advertising investment. An astonishing 41% of advertising expenditure is allocated to TV commercials whilst only 37% of media is consumed via the same medium. Smart advertisers are investing where the overall percentage of media consumption is greater than the relative percentage advertising spend – mobile!

If you’re an advertiser looking for new ideas, the party is in mobile. There are seismic opportunities for marketers in mobile and opportunities to rapidly pivot away from traditional, declining advertising mediums. If you’re developing a mobile advertising strategy, there’s lots to consider and we’ve broken down the five key things you can do to get it right.

1.) Develop mobile ready content

When you begin to advertise on mobile networks you need to have mobile ready content available for your site visitors to consume. This sounds easy in principle but understanding how your customers interact with mobile can be quite complex. You’ll need to think about developing a mobile friendly website that intelligently adapts to fit different device types and resolutions. A good web developer who has experience creating fluid sites for a range of devices will be able to get you started quickly. Remember, it’s important to get something in front of your customers quickly and start generating high quality data. This relentless, data driven approach will help you to make better decisions about how you market to your customers.

Developing a mobile responsive website takes serious thought and consideration. It’s a completely different process when compared with developing sites for desktop. You’re dealing with less content and way less real estate so use it wisely. Make sure it loads instantly and deliver your content as a single column layout. Get your message across quickly at the top of the page and provide a fluid experience when processing contact details like an email address or phone number.

It’s not just about creating something that looks and feels good. It’s about creating a mobile responsive site that serves a purpose and delivers against your demand and lead generation objectives. You’re dealing with a much smaller UI on mobile so you need to deliver your content in bite-size chunks. You should only ever display one item at a time on mobile. Your website should have multiple calls-to-action for enquiries, whitepapers, gadgets and social channels. But they key is to focus on what’s important to your company.

Your mobile content should include a heading, the correctly sized images, your messaging then a call to action in that order from top to bottom (if you’re viewing this article via desktop, visit the Waracle website via a mobile device as an example).

2.) Create mobile responsive adverts

This is not as simple as creating a few banners and images to deploy across the ad networks. You need to think carefully about mobile screen sizes and how to adapt your messaging accordingly. The most effective way to achieve this is to create a story that resonates with your target persona based on their own contextual experiences. Using Google Adwords you can create highly relevant, contextually specific advertising campaigns for your customers based on time of day, season, device type, location and the weather (to name a handful). There are three ways you can start to think about creating a mobile responsive story for your ad campaign:

Use content (and context)

Think about serving up mobile content that uses location specific features. If you’re creating an advert for a retail outlet, you can geofence the reach of your advert to display to users within an exact location or within radius of a specific retail outlet. Your advert should link to content that brings all of these contextual factors into play in order to provide a highly relevant and engaging experience for your mobile audience. Whatever you do, always create a strong call-to-action on your landing page and if you’re harvesting email addresses, make the enquiry process as smooth as possible.

Use social proof

Nothing improves CTR like a solid social validation statement on mobile. Being the best at what you do and using customer testimonials is a great way to grab the attention of your audience and increase the probability of them clicking your advert. Buyers take great confidence in the fact that other, like-minded consumers have utilised your services and received an awesome experience. Shortlist your best customer candidates and create bite-size, highly impactful testimonials that clearly state why you’re better than your competitors and why they chose you in the first place. Google Adwords can generate testimonial extensions that display within your ad and are scientifically proven to boost click through performance.

Use images and vertical video

Mary Meeker’s report highlighted the growing importance of serving up your video content in vertical orientation as consumer audiences shift to mobile consumption. So when users click on your ad using a mobile device, it’s comforting for your audience to hit a landing page and consume your content immediately, not to have to flip the orientation of their device into landscape mode. Consumers want content at lightning quick speed and they tend to gather information via mobile with the device in an upright, vertical position. Make it easy for them to consume your content across all devices and always seal the deal with a mobile friendly call-to-action.

3.) Use the right channels

Here are just some of the channels you can explore when planning your first mobile advertising campaign:

Google (
InMobi (
Facebook (
StumbleUpon (
Twitter (

If you’re unsure how to get started, talking to an experienced agency with a proven track record can help massively. It’s important to get going quickly, get a mobile friendly ad up and running and start generating engagement data so you can benchmark performance. The only way to measure performance is to quantify it in the first instance and create a rolling program to constantly improve your mobile ad offering.

Some mobile advertising networks will offer free vouchers to get you started. this can be a great way to manage the commercial risk of testing each channel if you’re unsure about where to invest your budget. Start off by trialling the free channels and optimise accordingly based on real-world user data.

3.) Focus on page loading times

It’s truly astonishing the number of businesses who get this wrong on mobile. You’ve created a world beating advert with a killer call to action and a potential customer taps the ad on a mobile device only to be taken to a landing page that takes 4 weeks to load. This is not acceptable on mobile. Users don’t like web pages that take an eternity to load. It’s faster for them to close down your site and search for one of your competitors who are doing a better job of optimising page loading times for mobile.

Your page loading time on mobile will have a huge impact on how your site visitors behave. Large images and video are likely to decrease the performance of your site, so it’s worth thinking about how to optimise page loading times accordingly and develop a lightning quick experience for your users. There are tools you can use to benchmark your current page load time as a basis for future enhancement.

5.) Use a ‘tap to call’ contact button

This may sound obvious, but there’s zero point in developing a great ad campaign for mobile, without enabling your prospects to do the one thing the smartphones does best – make calls! We discussed the importance of using vertical orientated video earlier in this article, but this is really a minor detail in the grand scheme of things. Ultimately, if your mobile ads and mobile responsive site don’t offer click to call functionality, there’s no point even considering running ad campaigns via mobile networks and devices with vertically oriented video content.

The truth is there’s a hell of a lot to consider when embarking on a cohesive mobile marketing campaign, with many disparate elements to consider, but the rewards can be massive for advertisers who get in front of their audience on mobile faster than the competition.

We’ve explored why you need to be thinking mobile first. We’ve also discussed how you can do it. Now it’s exactly what you do that really matters. If you’re serious about getting into mobile and exploring the fastest growing (and least exploited) advertising channel in the world, contact waracle today to begin the conversation.

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