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26th August 2013

Windows App Development UK: Why Marketers and Brand Managers Should Pay Attention

What is one way to get more app developers creating apps for the Windows Phone Store? Give them a great platform and the right tools to develop them! Microsoft has recently developed a visual, web-based editor for Windows Phone 8 apps, where anyone can build apps without code, using customizable themes and custom text, graphics and design. It’s a unique way of doing it as it’s a much lower barrier to entry for mobile app coding than you’ll typically find, and it’s from Microsoft direct, not a third-party provider selling a “no coding required!” solution, which can be tricky and dangerous to use. And as long as you have an active developers account on the app can be published on the Windows Phone Store which until the 26th of August an account is discounted to $19 which is 12.23 British Pounds.

Cross Platform App Development Approach

Here at Waracle we’ve traditionally focused on the development of iPhone and Google Android apps. The reason being that this is what our customers tend to pay to develop. Increasingly now we are seeing brand managers, marketers and businesses paying to develop apps for Windows Phone. Traditionally, Windows has been viewed as a peripheral platform in terms of market share and it’s ability to generate revenue. Increasingly over time, Windows Phone is gaining traction in the market place and subsequently there are more brands and business owners (of all sizes) seeking out Windows app development services, in addition to developing for iPhone, iPad and Android. Things are starting to get very busy.

Taking The Sting Out Of Windows Phone App Development

So in theory, developing apps for Windows Phone is easy and this is an attempt by Microsoft to make app development more accessible. Currently you need specific expertise to work between app development platforms – iPhone, Android and Windows Phone development all require different skills and expertise. As a business owner or brand manager seeking to develop an app for any platform, the options are fairly simple. You can either hire an app developer full-time (expensive/inflexible), you can outsource to a foreign country (difficult language/cultural barriers) or you can engage a dedicated app development studio. Microsoft are attempting to make it easy for anyone, irrespective of technical ability, to develop an app for Windows Phone. The truth is that developing apps is not easy and Microsoft will need to work hard to overcome typical app development challenges and obstacles.

Speak To A Pro App Development Studio

Windows Phone 8 isn’t yet setting the world on fire, according to a recent Appcelerator developer survey, so that may go someway to explaining why Microsoft is casting a wider net with the Windows Phone App Studio. The problem for Microsoft is that sales of mobile devices are driven by the quality of apps consumers can access via the marketplace. Simply creating a development environment for anyone to use and expecting top quality output is unrealistic. So anyone who will pay for an account can theoretically deploy their apps in the store, whether they are good or not, leading to some watering down of quality app content. This can lead to the crappy apps blocking up the charts and search results. The biggest challenge for Microsoft will be quality control and ensuring the Windows Phone app store doesn’t become flooded with amateur content. For the time being, if you’re seeking to develop an app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows, best speak to an experienced developer by clicking here.


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