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Why your business needs to be mobilised

3rd August 2015

Way back in 1984 there were only one thousand devices capable of accessing the Internet in the entire world. Mobile has changed everything. Some analysts suggest it’s the fastest growing technology of all time. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million people whereas it took Instagram a matter of months. It’s changed the way we work, the way we interact and the way we spend our money. Nowadays businesses from a wide range of industry sectors are sitting up and taking notice of mobile and the vast opportunities it can present. Mobile is no longer an option. It’s become an essential component of our business lives. Mobile needs to be central to the future of your business and used as a tool to drive value throughout your whole organisation. If you haven’t considered the benefits of mobile, or developing an app, the time to do so is now. Today we’re exploring why your business needs to be mobilised.

The ROI of mobile apps

Fast thinking enterprise companies are now witnessing incredible mobile ROI. Recent analysis suggests that mobile apps can deliver a 500% ROI when compared to development and launch costs. Not only that, but many businesses are actually recouping their initial investment in mobile in less than two months. This represents an incredible opportunity for businesses that have the capability to move fast and embrace mobile quickly. Smart businesses are way ahead of the game and are already reaping the lucrative returns that mobile has to offer. However if you’re late to the party and still trying to mobilise your company, there’s still plenty of time. There are some seriously exciting innovations set to happen in the next 5 years that will continue to alter mobile and the wider business landscape.

Growth in mobile

There are some staggering statistics associated with mobile. By 2020 it’s estimated there will be 20 billion devices connected to the web. By 2020 it’s envisaged that 80% of people will own a smartphone. This basically means that in the next 5 years, virtually every single person on earth will be connected to the web via a smartphone. If you’re a business looking to get to grips with mobile this means that the rate of mobile adoption and the requirement for mobility within your company will only continue to expand until the market plateaus. So there is still time if you need to mobilise your company but simply doing nothing is not an option. Businesses that fail to embrace the phenomenal power of mobile in the next 5 years will fail. Whilst the previous 5 years have been incredibly significant in the context of mobile, the next 5 years will be even more profound in terms of the pace of technological change. Your business needn’t fail as long as mobile is the solution.

The influence of mobile

Mobile is now a ‘must have’ for businesses looking to the future. Given the astonishing ROI associated with enterprise mobile adoption, it’s surprising more businesses have not joined the party. Mobile has become a key driver of innovation within enterprises. It’s about delivering new services and products to your customers and building stronger relationships. It’s also about increasing the efficiency of your company and using mobile as the lever that drives all innovation. If your business is anchored in desktop software development, the time to change is now. If you examine the number of PC’s sold last year compared to the total sales of smartphones and tablets, the numbers speak for themselves. PC’s are clunky, large and slow. Mobile is agile, small and quick off the mark.

Moving from desktop to mobile

When it comes to mobile, Waracle has been around since the very start. However for many businesses getting from desktop to mobile is tough. The fact is that most businesses that exist in the modern world were here long before mobile was even a thing. If your business was born before the year 2000, moving into the mobile realm can be incredibly complex and challenging. You’re probably heavily entrenched in desktop thinking with outdated systems and processes to match. This can have a debilitating affect on your business and make you slow when compared to competitors. Mobilising your company needn’t be a headache. But it requires buy-in from key stakeholders within your company. It’s a top-down phenomenon whereby the top decision makers must embrace mobile and enable it to infiltrate down through the company hierarchy.

Compared to desktop software and web development, the ROI of mobile apps is phenomenally high. Mobile is more cost effective and reduces the risks and timescales associated with crystallizing your investment. You can get started quickly by developing an MVP and vastly reduce roll-out time when compared to desktop. Very often, starting with the development of a mobile app can be a great first step. However when it comes to enterprise mobility, there’s more to consider than just developing a singular app or even a suite of apps. Generally speaking, apps will either provide services to consumers, create tighter relationships with customers or enhance existing business processes or organisational efficiency. Before you engage an enterprise mobile app developer, you need to understand where mobile fits with your existing business.

The true value of enterprise mobility

The mobile landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. Even five years ago, businesses were unsure if mobile would generate a positive ROI. Mobile was seen as a gamble and required a giant leap into something that was impossibly hard to predict. But fast forward to today and things have changed dramatically. The ROI of mobile within the enterprise is now clear and some companies are seeing a 500% return within a 12 month time period. In many cases, businesses are recouping their initial investment in less than 3 months of launching a mobile initiative.

When compared to traditional technology initiatives within the enterprise, these numbers are absolutely phenomenal. Mobile actually serves to unlock years of careful investment in IT and software infrastructure. Your employees are already well equipped when it comes to mobile, they bring devices and sensors to work every single day. Developing a mobile app enables your company to tie this in neatly with your existing network infrastructure, enabling you to deliver value faster and more intuitively. The extraordinary ROI of mobile is dramatically changing the way in which enterprises view IT projects and initiatives. Whilst such vast opportunities exist within mobile, the time is now for enterprises to start investing or increase existing levels of expenditure.

The speed of enterprise mobility

The costs of enterprise mobility are tiny when compared with historical software and IT initiatives. Developing software for mobile is now cheaper than ever before and the time to market is insanely quick. Apps can be developed from an initial idea and taken to app store launch within a few months and features can be created before it’s even possible to write the accompanying project documentation. Mobile development takes place in a fast paced, lightning quick environment whereby the technological risks and barriers to entry associated are low.

This is actually a problem for many enterprises. Top decision makers will equate enterprise mobility to more traditional types of IT projects and initiatives in terms of extensive costs and prolonged timescales. You need to understand that mobile is a different beast from desktop and web based software development. Mobile can be wrapped around your existing IT infrastructure as an additional layer. This introduced huge cost savings as you don’t need to start developing your technology infrastructure from the ground up. Business leaders need to understand that mobile differs massively from traditional types of enterprise software initiatives.

Development risk is minimal and your app can be iterated live in the market place. This means that mobile is inherently agile and the ability to iterate features based on real-world user feedback is far greater when compared to traditional and highly complex software development projects. It’s constantly becoming cheaper, quicker and simpler to develop apps. With the availability of cloud backend technology the risks associated with mobile are much lower too. Costs and timescales are much shorter too. Mobile apps cost far less to develop than desktop software and can be launched in a vastly decreased timescale. This is what CEOs need to realise. Mobile is a different animal.

The future of enterprise mobility

In the future people and companies will be constantly connected through mobile technology. Our ability to provide high quality services to customers through apps will be massively increased. Mobile will continue to influence every single area of our lives including personal banking and finance, getting quotes for insurance services, watching your favorite sports, consuming public healthcare services and fixing your central heating. Mobile will actually underpin all of these activities and many more, making it easier for consumers engage quickly and easily with your products and services. This transformation has barely even begun. Mobility will completely transform the way today’s businesses are run in terms of systems and processes and the opportunities are enormous.

Mobile devices themselves will become utterly ubiquitous. The device itself will become less important when compared to its underpinning usefulness and the services they can offer. many of today’s businesses are valued based upon tangible assets such as inventory and retail space. The businesses of tomorrow will be valued based upon the state of your mobile software apps and services. Mobile is completely central to everything that will happen in business in the next five years. It will enable you to do better business and to enhance your existing services and processes. It’ll help you to further engage your customers. Mobile will continue to drive unprecedented change and transformation within our everyday business lives.

Here at Waracle, we understand how to unlock the value in mobile for your company. We repeatedly enable our clients to understand the value of mobile and how it can positively impact your bottom line. We’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands and businesses to mobilise desktop and web based software apps. If you’re a business looking to invest in the world of mobile, contact the experts today to begin the dialogue.

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