How Santa Could Use Mobile

12th December 2017

This time of year is tough for Santa – so much to do and so little time. The poor old guy relies on the same techniques year after year to do his job. He doesn’t have the logistical clout of Amazon – he’s reliant on elves and reindeer to put in a stellar performance every year. But what if Santa could embrace the power of mobile to optimise operations? Today at Waracle mobile app developers we’re exploring how Santa could use mobile to bolster operations.

1.) Mobile GPS tracking for elves and reindeer

On Christmas eve, Santa has difficulty ensuring things gets done properly. Monitoring efficiency levels of elves and reindeer can be a logistical nightmare. Like any well-oiled field sales operation, he could harness the power of mobile tech and GPS to create a real-time map of where helpers are positioned. Elves and reindeer could be equipped with wearables such as a FitBit or Jawbone to track stamina levels and performance in the field. The app would work like Runkeeper, giving Santa a birds eye view of distance travelled and calories used in relation to each delivery, enabling him to identify when staff are tired and take the necessary action.

2.) Santa could use drones for deliveries

It’s no secret that one of Santa’s major competitors has been testing drones for delivery services. Amazon has been ‘toying’ with the idea of using a fleet of drones called ‘Octocopters’ to deliver products to customers and increase operational efficiency. Analysts suggest Santa could actually deliver 86% of presents via drones. Each drone could pick up a gift from Santa’s grotto and deliver directly to the door of the recipient. Theoretically, each drone could lower gifts down chimneys to keep the age old tradition alive. Santa has been quoted as saying, “From an internal perspective, we’ll be ready to commence logistical drone operations as soon as the correct regulations are in order”. Watch out Rudolph, we know mobile is a disruptive technological force, but it sounds like your days are numbered.

“Analysts suggest Santa could deliver 86% of presents via drones.”


3.) Breathalyzer app

There are many breathalyzer products on the market today. These devices might work for an average person with common alcohol consumption levels. But on Christmas eve Santa is forced to consume industrial quantities of booze and mince pies. His metabolic make-up enable him to process vast quantities of alcohol, but it’s always good to keep tabs on the intake. Using a breathalyzer app would warn Santa when to ease of on the booze and opt for a glass of milk if he’s starting to feel tipsy in the sled. Santa could benefit from having a customised app that calculates his alcohol intake as presents are delivered.

Some Wall Street analysts have predicted that Santa is falling behind the curve when it comes to mobile tech adoption. We’ve suggested some ideas that could help Santa stay ahead of the curve – what do you think? Contact us and let us know.


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