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Why is mobile “winning” for software development managers?

23rd January 2014

Eric Schmidt (Google) suggested that “mobile was winning, its now won”. Understanding the importance of mobile is crucial. Many software development managers have now developed their last ‘desktop-first’ software project. Sales of tablets and smartphones are rapidly overtaking PC’s, but that doesn’t mean desktop is dead – yet. It’s no longer the top priority. Mobile is now the priority device for most users.

We live in a world dominated by multiple devices. Very few people are 100% mobile and rely on a smartphone and tablet to organize their lives. People use mobile to consume content, which is what we do most when using the web. Desktop still rules when it comes to productivity and ‘lean forward’ tasks. If you’re developing software, consider to what extent desktop is part of your overall product mix.

This is not about one device conquering all. We don’t ignore PC’s because they’re so important for doing work. But the content we consume and the tools we use have to be easily accessible and synchronized. This is why the cloud has become so important. Your users now expect to access all of their data across desktop, smartphone and tablet. It’s about doing the right thing as a software development manager and considering which devices are relevant to your audience.

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