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What iOS8 Means For Business Owners

1st July 2014

The iOS8 SDK is the biggest developer release of all time for Apple. With the introduction of more than 4000 new API’s, it’ll give businesses the ability to create apps like never before. With major extensibility features and the announcement of a new programming language called Swift, we’re demystifying what this means for CEO’s and business owners.

If You’re A CEO…

iOS8 is a game changer. If you’re commercially focused, iOS8 will make it easier to build great apps for your business. Developing mobile apps for iOS8 will be simpler than ever in terms of support and predictability. As iOS8 becomes more tightly integrated with Apple devices, developing apps that work for your business becomes even easier. Especially when compared with Google Android, where device and OS fragmentation can create major headaches.

iOS8 versus Google Android

So if you’re wondering whether to develop business apps for iOS8 or Android, this latest Apple launch makes that decision even easier. Whilst the Android ecosystem becomes increasingly fragmented and complex, iOS8 is actually serving to simplify matters for app developers and businesses. With iOS8, it’s never been easier to ensure your business is positioned at the cutting edge of mobile technology.

iOS8 Mobile App Development

iOS8 provides access to more of the devices native features, so it’s simpler than ever to develop the app that you visualise at conceptual stage – the possibilities are now greater than ever before. As it becomes progressively easier to develop apps for iOS8 when compared with Android for your business, so too will the ability for your staff to use iPhones and iPads as an alternative to laptops.

What else does iOS8 have to offer my business?

Additional iOS8 features will enable you to edit and open spreadsheets, documents and presentations using more apps without creating additional (and unnecessary) copies. With the option of using ‘Touch ID’ you’ll be able to use fingerprint scanning technology to create secure sign-in for your business applications. Other features include the ability to enable social sharing between and via your business apps, auto-reply/out-of-office support and coworker availability when scheduling appointments via the calendar.

iOS8 also has huge ramifications for IT Directors, but we’ll cover the technical aspects of the release in another blog. In the meantime, if you’re a CEO or business owner seeking to mobilise your companies existing applications, contact Waracle today for a free chat.


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