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What do app development and the royal baby have in common?

5th August 2013

So baby George has now been officially registered as a member of the royal family by Prince William and Kate Middleton. The tot has officially been dubbed ‘His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge’. But amidst all the fuss, we wanted to pose the question, What do app development and the royal baby have in common?

Well, the similarities may seem surprising. Much like raising kids, developing apps can be extremely tough. There are so many complexities to consider, it can make the entire process seem a bit daunting. The fact is, 99% of apps fail to break even after they’ve been launched and deployed to the app store.

Apps need love and attention too

This means that successful apps require plenty of love and attention. Much like prosperous apps – babies need to be nurtured to success using the right ingredients. We’ve just rolled out a whole bunch of new services to help market your app. Unlike the vast majority of app developers, we’ll help you through design, development, testing, deployment to the app store and through app marketing and distribution.

Understand the potential pitfalls first

We’ve been developing apps since 2007 so know a thing or two about what makes for successful apps. We’ve had millions of downloads across our customer base and several app store number ones. Developing apps is difficult so understanding the potential pitfalls prior to launch is essential.

Here at Waracle, we believe your idea should be treated like royalty, long after its hit the app store. We look after your app once its been launched by nurturing it to success. So if you’re looking to develop an app for your business contact us today and we can assist you in maximising your apps potential – after it’s hit the app store.

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