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The Undeniable Truth About Mobile

19th May 2014

So here’s the unbelievable truth about mobile – the technology is continuing to proliferate the mainstream at an alarming rate. It’s progressing so fast that some businesses are struggling to get to grips with it. The PC market is in a bad place and the market for desktop products in shrinking every year. In 2015, sales of tablets will overtake sales of desktop PC’s and portables combined. What we’re witnessing is a monumental shift in consumer behaviour, perhaps the biggest ever. With mobile it’s never been easier to reach and engage a global audience at a faster pace. But what does this mean for business owners?

“It took Radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, Instagram took 6 months and Angry Birds 35 days”


If you’re a CEO…

You need to think mobile-first, especially if your business is software. You’ll need to think fast too and focus on getting a mobile UI to market quickly. If you’re in the process of developing software for desktop, now’s probably a good time to radically overhaul your strategy. Whatever you’re developing for desktop, needs to work for smartphones and tablets. Developing for mobile isn’t just about replicating your desktop UI, it takes a different approach. Location and voice search are just two of the unique features associated with mobile that can help to bolster your chances of success. But be warned, finding the right mobile development expertise can be difficult.

If you’re a Marketing Manager…

Your customers are switching from desktop to mobile rapidly. Mobile is having a seismic effect on every area of marketing as consumers increasingly use a range of different devices to complete a purchase. Mobile plays a pivotal role when your customers are searching for product information. They lean back at home on the sofa and use the tablet to browse the web, switching between phone and making the purchase via desktop. From mobile responsive email campaigns to ‘click-to-call’ mobile UI, there are huge demand generation opportunities available via mobile for quick thinking marketers. Get in the mobile game fast, you can use an agency to get you up and running quickly and engaging your customers via mobile.

If you’re a Software Development Manager…

Developing mobile software can be very demanding. Retraining your desktop developers for mobile is very difficult. Recruiting mobile developers is also extremely tough (especially for iOS). Mobile app developers are in massive demand and very short supply. Your challenge is to taper mobile expertise and thinking into your team as quickly as possible – by any means. There must be a sense of urgency in relation to your mobile software plans, so whatever you do, do it fast. You’ll need to think about simultaneously developing your existing desktop software offering, whilst running a development programme for mobile UI development in parallel.

If you’re an IT Manager…

Getting to grips with enterprise mobility management can be very tough. But times of changed and IT no longer calls the shots. As your workers continuously shift towards using mobile devices in the office and at home, it’s essential that your company is equipped to deal with the transition. Your staff are dictating which devices they choose to use, how and when they use them. They’ll need to access the company network from outside the office, via the cloud. They’ll expect to be able to work on office documents collaboratively, in real-time, using whichever device is closest to them at the time. Smart IT managers are adopting BYOD (bring your own device) to help create a more productive and flexible modern office environment.

Is your brand or business tooled up for mobile app development? If you’re looking to taper mobile expertise and thinking into your team, contact Waracle today for a free 15 minute chat about your requirements. We’ve worked across multiple platforms to deliver legendary mobile experiences for Virgin Atlantic, Imperial College London, NHS and many, many more.

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