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The unbelievable truth about mobile and what it means for marketers

25th February 2014

Here’s the truth about mobile – it’s the fastest growing megatrend of all time. It’s difficult to understate the importance of mobile in today’s world,  but for many marketers and brand managers taking those initial steps can be extremely challenging.

This year in 2014, driven in part by explosive growth in developing economies, smartphone shipments will top 1 billion units for the first time. Sales of tablets alone will be nearly double that of desktop PC. It’s fundamental that as a business owner, you understand the effect that mobile will have on your operations. If you currently use a desktop UI for business autonomy or lead generation – the time to change is now.

Increasingly your customers are consuming content via smartphones and tablets, multi-screening and shifting sequentially between devices. Holding the attention of your audience has never been so demanding. With touch-first app and web development there is a massive opportunity for your business to exploit the rapidly growing and highly lucrative megatrend of mobile.

For marketers, understanding mobile and what to do about it can be difficult. Mobile consumers turn to smartphones and tablets in times of boredom, or when the adverts are on during a TV show. There are enormous opportunities for marketers and brand managers who can get to grips with mobile behaviour and commerce.

If you’re a ‘Generation X’ company, remaining relevant in the mobile era will become increasingly challenging. ‘Generation Y’ consumers are a different breed and you need mobile savvy thinking and development expertise to make it work.

If you’re looking to take those first steps into the world of mobile and need some support, contact us today.



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