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Why are top CEO’s developing software ‘mobile-first’ in 2014?

16th January 2014

2014 is set to be a huge year for mobile. Increasingly, top CEO’s are shifting away from desktop-first development towards mobile-first. The world of mobile and mobile commerce is expanding rapidly and smart CEO’s have developed their last desktop-first project. We know how hard running a business can be. There’s a massive amount to consider when it comes to technology. You have to understand the seismic and disruptive effect that mobile is having on sales, marketing and software development. Smart CEO’s understand the disruptive nature of mobile and are planning software development activities accordingly.

We’re the most experienced (and probably oldest) mobile app development, mobile web and mobile marketing company in Scotland. We’re utterly focused and ‘tooled-up’ to deliver ‘mobile-first’ as opposed to software developers and marketers unfortunately ‘anchored’ in desktop.

Right now in the world there are two types of companies. There are the companies who’re anchored in desktop and the companies who’re agile enough to develop mobile-first. Waracle provide mobile-first knowledge and expertise to CEO’s who’re anchored in desktop and help your business make those tentative first steps into app development, responsive web and mobile marketing.

Since 2007 (when the iPhone was launched) we’ve developed mobile apps for some of the biggest brands in the UK. We’ve worked with Imperial College London, the NHS and O2 to deliver mobile-first apps, web and marketing. We’re also well established in Scotland, working with top brands like Highland Park, Zero waste Scotland and The Scottish Football Association. In 2014, we’re committed to helping Scotland’s CEO’s take those first steps into the world of mobile.

So if you’re a CEO seeking to discuss a strategy for augmenting desktop software and commerce, talk to us today. We can help you pick up the ball with mobile-first software development in 2014. If this is something you’re interested in contact us today for more details.



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