Mobile App Development

The unstoppable growth of mobile and what it means for IT managers

21st March 2014

Mobile is kicking off big time. It’s the fastest growing megatrend in history and its radically changing the way we do business. It’s causing seismic shifts in consumer behaviour and increasingly your staff are bringing smartphones and tablets into the workplace.

If you’re an IT manager, responding to the astounding growth of mobile can seem daunting. How do you manage apps and devices securely across your network? What’s the best approach to take when it comes to managing mobile devices and apps?

In terms of internal IT, its no longer IT that call the shots.  The troops are demanding new ways to work, they want access to company systems from any device, in any location, in any place.  If you don’t give them that, they’ll go right around you.

You need to make sure that you’re geared up for workers using smartphone and tablet devices to perform a range of tasks, both lean forward and lean back. They’ll still require use of desktop and this can be managed in the traditional way, but mobile requires a new mode of thinking and operation. If you can configure your network and corresponding devices and apps accordingly, you’ll enhance overall employee flexibility and productivity.


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