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The truth about tablet sales and what it means for your business

24th March 2014

So what’s the truth about tablet? The PC market is now in a slump and experiencing negative growth year on year. In addition, sales of tablets are set to exceed sales of desktop pc’s and portables (laptops etc) in 2015. Analysts originally attributed high sales of tablets to tough economic times, suggesting that price sensitive consumers were switching across to mobile as a means of saving money. What has actually occurred has been a seismic shift in the global computing paradigm with desktop suffering and mobile being utterly triumphant. But what does this mean for your business?

If you’re a CEO…

If you’re a CEO and your business is software, you need to think mobile-first (and fast). If you’re currently deploying a piece of desktop software, you should be thinking about developing a new, mobile responsive version that works equally well (if not better) via smartphones and tablets. You need to think about using a simpler format for mobile and try to take advantage of the unique features associated with mobile (location, voice search etc). But be warned, making those first tentative steps into mobile can be extremely challenging. Mobile developers are in extremely high demand (and short supply) and it’s also very tricky re-training existing desktop developers in mobile. One option is to use an experienced agency to help get you started.

If you’re a Marketing Manager…

If you’re a marketing manager used to operating desktop software, be warned – your customers are switching in their droves to mobile. Mobile is affecting every area of marketing right now, from responsive email campaigns to lead generation and ‘tap to call’ commerce. Your potential customers are using a range of different devices when searching for your products and services. Mobile will play a vital role in this journey. Tablets and smartphones are great for gathering information on (and buying) products. You need to think mobile-first and understand the pivotal role that smartphones and tablets play in your customers journey to purchase.

If you’re a Software Development Manager…

Developing software for mobile can be really challenging. Especially if you’re used to developing software for desktop and your team is largely comprised of ‘traditional’ type web designers. But there are huge opportunities and rewards for software development managers that can join the mobile revolution at the right time. Your job is to infuse your existing team with mobile focused knowledge, leadership and expertise. You’ll probably need to run two programs simultaneously, one to keep your existing desktop software running and another to quickly spin-up something mobile friendly.

If you’re an IT manager…

Enabling mobile can be a real headache for enterprise IT managers. If you’re used to workers operating desktop PC’s from within the office, times have changed and you’re no longer calling the shots. The truth is, it’s your staff that are dictating what devices and apps they use and how and when they use them. The shift is increasingly away from desktop towards content consumption and task performance via smartphones and tablets. Not only that, but increasingly your workers want to be able to use these devices to access the company network whilst on the move and out of the office. This presents a massive challenge for IT managers but also huge rewards for those who can master the art of enterprise mobility management. The up-shot is a more productive and autonomised workforce.

If you work for a business struggling to get to grips with mobile, you can contact Waracle today. We’ve been developing, deploying and marketing high performance mobile apps across multiple platforms since 2007 with some of the UK’s most innovative brands and businesses including Virgin Atlantic, O2 and Imperial College London.




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