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Mobile App Developers: Tablets and smartphones are bringing families together

1st August 2013

Ofcom research has shown that smartphones and tablets are bringing families closer together. Nearly 25% of UK households own a tablet device such as an iPad. The research suggests that 51% of adults own a web enabled smartphone and that perhaps surprisingly, this is helping families to spend more time in the living room watching tv together. So whilst families watch tv together in the living room, they’re also doing their own thing and consuming apps and games via mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad and Google Android.

Teenagers are no longer hiding away in their rooms

This means that mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are encouraging family members to stay in the same room as one another whilst doing different things like playing games and downloading apps. People are using mobile to consume streaming video content, play games and message their friends. What’s happening as a result, according to Ofcom, is that teenagers especially are spending more time in the living room with their families. Whereas previously they’d debunk to their bedrooms and watch tv in private away from the rest of the family.

TV Sales are dropping while Tablet Sales are increasing

The number of smartphone and tablet devices being sold is actually driving down sales of tv’s and fewer children now possess tv’s in their bedrooms. In 2007, it was estimated that 69% of 5-15 year olds had a tv in their bedroom, whereas today in 2013 that figure is only 52%. Ofcom’s research also indicates that the number of households who own one tv has increased from 35% in 2002 up to 41% in 2012. What’s surprising is that the number of adults consuming content via their main tv set has increased from 88% in 2002 to 91% in 2012.

Multi-Screen Entertainment in the Living Room

Ultimately what the data suggests is that increasingly families are gathering together in the living room to watch tv, just like it was in the 1950’s (apparently…). The major difference being that the mode of delivery, in other words our tv sets, are way more sophisticated and much bigger too. What’s also completely different is the fact that whilst family members are consuming tv content on big sophisticated screens, they’re also messing about with devices such as tablets and smartphones and using apps and games.

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