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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear: The first in the smartwatch tide

23rd August 2013

At first they were few

We’ve all seen the Pebble, the first smartwatch of its kind, with the e-ink display and connection to your phone. It received $10 million in funding and it has done remarkably well for itself since then; however, the Pebble has a problem. It’s already out of date.

They may have been the first, but then every major tech company and minor startup took one look at the idea and said “Oh, we like that”, took the idea and ran with it. Now we’ve got reports of Google’s smartwatch, Apple’s iWatch, and now the Omate Truesmart are all arriving on the scene promising full touchscreens, cameras, 3g connections and maybe even a coffee maker [citation needed].

The point being that Pebble is vastly outnumbered by bigger and better competition.

Beat them to the punch

But Samsung are looking to be the ones to get their smartwatch out for release before the other big players. There have been multiple leaks, some claiming a flexible display (which would be awesome), some talking about more modest 2.4” AMOLED backed up by a 1.3Ghz processor and 2Gb of storage.

The point of this isn’t so much exactly what Samsung’s watch can do, it’s the fact that they can get it out there before everyone else, securing themselves an early lead and also being able to start really observing what the customer wants in a smartwatch; or even if they want one at all.

Predators are lurking

This is of course, perhaps risky as well. Why? Well, Apple, in a word. Despite what many people may think, Apple are rarely the inventors of new technology or new trends. What they do do is take what’s already been done and make it better to the point where it seems like they have indeed, reinvented the wheel. Samsung will have to be careful because you can make damn sure Apple will be hovering like a hawk over a rabbit, just waiting for the right moment to release their coup de grace.

The next year will see the advent of wearable tech, and it will be very interesting to see if it will be a major hit like smartphones, a niche item, or a colossal flop.

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