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Samsung’s Bizarre Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

2nd September 2013

In just a few days, amongst other things, Samsung will be unveiling its curious Galaxy Gear smartwatch. However the watch is not looking as good as it sounds — unlike most of the other smartwatches that have exploded onto the scene these past few years — think the Pebble, the MetaWatch, or even Sony’s family of wrist-worn gadgets, the Galaxy Gear is shaping up to be a real whopper. The watch will measure about three inches diagonally on your wrist and we can take a guess that when it comes to something you’re wearing on your person, bigger will not necessarily make it better.

Galaxy Gear Specifications

The watch does however have a 4 megapixel camera, a WiFi, speakers, and a microphone so users can deliver S Voice commands to a connected Samsung smartphone. However the biggest disappointment thus far is that it only has a 10 hour battery life, which is even disappointing in a phone but in a watch it’s close to useless, and manufacturer provided battery stats tend to be optimistic too, so that anemic battery could spell trouble for early adopters.

Fitness Apps on Smartwatches

Even so the watch does have some preloaded apps on it, apparently substantial focus on mobile fitness and health tracking, and you’ve got an ambitious device that seems to have an identity crisis. Is it for your average smartphone nerd or for people who are more interested in fitness? Maybe Samsung is hoping for both.

Smartwatch market competition

With the Galaxy Gear, Samsung has added plenty to the smartwatch formula, which also means there are more chances that just may not live up to people’s expectations. Even so, it’s not like the Korean electronics giant doesn’t have the resources to go out on a limb like this every once in awhile. Strange first steps like this one often beget staggering successes down the road — for all we know, Samsung may flex its design and production muscles to become the de facto smartwatch maker within a few years.

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