Multiscreen behaviour and the cloud – what does it mean for your business?

10th April 2014

“The best computer is the one you have with you when you want something”

Jacob Neilsen.

90% of multiple device owners move between screens to complete tasks. On average, we look at our mobile devices 150 time per day. Digital consumers demand a seamless experience when sequentially moving across devices. This is presenting enormous challenges and opportunities for businesses. But how does multiscreen behaviour impact your business?

If you’re a CEO…

This affects every area of your business. It affects how you sell, market and distribute your products and services. It’s harder than ever now to hold your customers attention. Your desktop software needs to be mobilised. Your customers will switch to mobile during commercial breaks on TV. They’ll use a range of different devices to make purchasing decisions. Consider how you can use these factors to your advantage.

If you’re a Marketing Manager…

Providing a consistent experience for your content becomes key. Consumers use mobile to alleviate boredom and when it comes to content consumption (lean-back) smartphones and tablets rule. You need to understand when they’re searching for your company, the time of day, location and which devices they’re using to engage with your products and services. Understanding these behavioural patterns and buying behaviours will be key to your success in the future.

If you’re a Software Development Manager…

This changes everything. Mobile UI requires a different approach to desktop UI development. You’ve less space to utilise, so every feature and gesture needs to count. Training desktop developers in mobile is very tricky, as the expertise required are fundamentally different. Recruitment is also tricky as mobile developers are in high demand and short supply. You can consider outsourcing your mobile UI requirements to a trusted agency to get you into the market quickly. You can taper mobile expertise into your team over time.

If you’re an IT Manager…

The troops are now calling the shots. They demand to access company data from any device, anywhere and at any time. Talent will gravitate towards companies with liberal and forward thinking BYOD policies. Make sure you’re empowering them by making data accessible as this can lead to a more harmonious and productive workforce. Gone are the days when the company server sits gathering dust (and overheating) in the broom cupboard. Days of nightly backups and VPN connections are gone – and the future is built around mobile, multi-screen living and the cloud. Expectations and requirements have shifted dramatically.

If you’re a CEO, Marketing Manager, Software Development Manager or IT Manager looking to take those difficult initial steps into mobile, contact Waracle today. We’ve worked with top brands and businesses from around the world since 2007 to deliver high performance mobile experiences.


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