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Multi-Screen Life

26th February 2014

Back in 2005, I bought a high powered laptop and consolidated all my files, music, photos, onto the hard drive and carried it around with me. Fast forward 9 years, I own several desktops, several tablets and have a bunch of mobile phones (which I used for testing, honest). All my data, and I mean all, is in the cloud. I pick up whatever device is closest and can accomplish my task. Out of work, I default to the smallest device to accomplish my task. In work (where I’m mostly static) I’ll tend to use the desktop as I’m in ‘lean forward mode’.

I’m living a very modern multi-screen life which isn’t normal given my generation x-ness, but is very normal for Generation Y and Z-ers.

Modern Day Shopping

We’ve a two year old kid and when I sit beside her bed to get her to go to sleep, I play with my phone. One of the things I do is build a list of stuff I need in Amazon and every now and again, when the bank account is sufficiently full, I press fire.

Everything you need is online…

I hardly ever go into shops and I buy almost exclusively from Amazon because they’ve got everything I need, with reviews, at or around the best price (but not always).

Show-rooming in practise

I did however, after much badgering from my significant other, go to Currys to buy a new TV. I drove to Curry’s and spoke to a sales guy about the TV I wanted. I asked him for a deal on it, he said no. So, I said to him that I can walk out of here and buy this £250 cheaper, chances are your manager’s going to be mad at you. He p1ssed me off by refusing to budge, so I walked out. My Lesley was mad because she could have had a TV that day, but I went home and ordered it online, saved £250 and had it on Monday. Data shows that for purchases above £30, over 50% of people in certain demographics are looking up prices/reviews for certain types of goods – electronics being the most popular.

Bad news for retailers

Jessops, the now defunct camera chain cited this as a key reason for their failing business; people coming in, handling the camera, learning about it from the sales people, then going online and buying elsewhere, cheaper.

So, what to do? (If you’re a retailer)

Well, research shows if you’re in Currys, you’re as likely to visit the Currys web store as you are to visit any other. Bearing that in mind, you can offer free delivery, click and pick or other enticing offers. Waracle have worked with many clients to prevent ‘showrooming’ – Think location, apps, QR codes, etc.

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