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Mobile Field Sales Enablement: What Your Business Needs To Know

4th June 2014

Developing A Mobile Field Sales Enablement Strategy

Gone are the days when marketing could deliver a steady stream of leads to sales, sit back and relax. Mobile field sales enablement is the one key area marketers can focus on to help sales close more deals. If your sales content is currently offline, print or whatever, this needs to change fast. This isn’t about being trendy, or being seen to be innovative or adopting the latest technological fad – this is a real opportunity for your business. If you don’t act quick, the opportunity can become a major threat. Your sales content, brochures and anything else that’s used in the field to help move prospects through the buying cycle, needs to be online and mobile responsive. Fast. If you’re a professional services firm, this means mobilising virtually everything you have. Your website and your entire company Intranet. This can seem daunting, especially if you’re new to mobile. But don’t worry – help is at hand.

How To Execute A Sales Enablement Strategy

To kick off, you need to think about the things you can do quickly to mobilise your field sales. You can provide access to existing sales documentation and your website via mobile. If your website is not mobile responsive, speak to your web developer. Think about enabling your field sales to demo your wares via tablet devices from any location whilst in offline mode. You need to think about how you can harness the power of mobile to capture lead generation information and minutes from your meetings. Any content you produce should also be mobile responsive and available to enhance your sales teams chances of success. Think about having a mobile friendly quote calculator, or an animated timeline on mobile that demonstrates your company’s journey and key achievements. You can kick off quickly by making your pdf and ppt sales material available and fully interactive in mobile form.

How Much Does Mobile Field Sales Enablement Cost?

You need to start by considering the requirements of your sales team and establishing a budget. Then examine what assets you have already that can be quickly created in a mobile friendly format. Whether it’s a pdf or an online product demo, the key is to get something out quickly and optimise over time. It’s essential that whatever you spend is reflected in actual usage by the sales team. There’s no point investing tens of thousands in something that is not going to be used. Unless it’s engaging for salespeople, enhances their prospects and opportunities and is readily adopted, your endeavours will be pointless. Depending upon your existing sales materials, a comprehensive field sales enablement suite can cost anywhere between $5k and $50k+ alongside a monthly, ongoing fee for hosting, support and optimisation.

How To Get Started With Field Sales Enablement

You can either retrain existing developers to learn mobile. This can be hugely challenging, time consuming and prohibitively expensive. You can hire mobile developers internally. This can take a long time in terms of creating a job specification, going to market and interviewing candidates. Even then there are no guarantees you’ll get what you need and good mobile developers are in extremely high demand and short supply. The other option is to contact an experienced and reputable mobile development agency with the relevant expertise and experience. If you’re a business seeking to enable your field sales via mobile, contact Waracle today.







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