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Mobile App Developers Scotland: The Making of Referend-um

27th September 2013

The Referend-um mobile app for iPhone has now been available to download for over a week. Today we want to update you on the project and provide an insight into our aims moving forward. Developing a coherent mobile app development strategy is a critical component of growing a business in todays world. Having a desktop website and some organic search engine optimisation is simply not enough anymore. Growing a business requires a coherent mobile strategy and an understanding of social media marketing. The Referend-um mobile app is a fantastic example of how we take ideas and transform them into living, breathing, marketable products and services.

Why did we develop the Referend-um app?

The idea behind Referend-um was to create a platform that engages people in the Scottish referendum debate. It’s not a money making idea, it’s purely designed and developed to showcase our mobile app development and marketing expertise and provide an interesting and unusual twist on this significant political event. Once we had a rough concept, it was a case of deciding which technologies to use.


Other Platforms: Android & Web

Since the Referend-um mobile app has been launched on iPhone, we’ve had lots of people enquiring about the launch of an app for Google Android. There were two options available when we embarked upon the project. The first was to develop a mobile app using HTML5 and a series of native wrappers. The benefit of this approach was accessibility, as the app could have been launched for web, iPhone, Android and Windows simultaneously. However there are still questions over the performance of HTML5 vs native app development. We decided to develop the mobile app for iPhone, in order to focus on delivering a clean and coherent user experience. Now that we’ve demonstrated engagement through iPhone, and established the concept works in essence, we can consider justification for rolling the app out to other platforms.

Long Term Strategies for App Development

If you’re a business or brand based in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK, it’s important to consider these factors when developing your long-term strategy for mobile app creation and marketing. Here at Waracle, we’re not just focused on designing and developing awesome mobile apps, we’re also completely fanatical about making sure they succeed in the marketplace. Unlike our competition, we use social media, SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing to take mobile apps from concept to app store success. Developing mobile apps is just a fraction of the challenge. In the increasingly competitive world of mobile app development, marketing is king. Developing an app is one thing. Making it fly is another.


Coming Features

So far the Referend-um mobile app for iPhone has been downloaded nearly 700 times. We market the app through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. We developed a mobile responsive landing page that enables users to download the app for iPhone. We then use each of these social media channels to deliver engagement around the landing page and increase the number of downloads. We’ve found Facebook and YouTube to be particularly compelling platforms. We’ve had 5000 plus combined YouTube hits and nearly 1000 likes via the Facebook page, all within less than a week after launch. Over the next 12 months, in the build up to the Scottish referendum, we’ll be adding new features and rolling the app out across new platforms.

Increasing Revenue Streams

If you’re a business or brand in Scotland, or anywhere in the UK, developing a coherent mobile strategy can seem daunting. remember that developing apps is about generating new revenue streams and/or engaging new and existing customers. Here at waracle, we focus on your core business objectives before writing a single line of code. Our aim is to develop mobile apps for that reasons, and to enhance your chances of success, irrespective of your industry. If you’re seeking to develop and market mobile apps for iPhone, Google Android, Windows or web, contact us today for a free consultation.

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